2019 WA Ten Rater Challenge

May 21, 2019

The Champion Lakes Radio Yacht Club hosted the 2019 Ten Rater Challenge at Austin Lakes on a fine sunny autumn day in the middle of May (May 19 to be precise).

Unfortunately, Champion Lakes developed a problem with weed in the last few weeks, leading the club to seek to shift to a venue which was more likely to provide good conditions. With the forecast showing that there would be sun shining, the question was whether the wind would show up.

When we arrived at the lake early in the morning, the wind looked terrific. Northerly at about 8 knots with the prospect of veering to the left and dropping out as the day wore on.

/Champion Lakes/rosco1

Our Race Officer was Rosco Bennett, who is having all sorts of trouble getting his Defector Ten Rater finished. Several of our regular entrants were absent with family commitments, travel and the like. We had 8 boats front the starter, with an appearance from Graeme Howie after a while away from radio sailing.


Ray Bassett provided the boat and buoys as well as volunteering to help run the day – thanks Ray. We would like to say thanks to Cliff Davis also, who came along to volunteer with the race management, working the boat and helping with the finishes.

Typically, with a northerly in WA, there are a number of fairly decent shifts, and Rosco was kept busy trying to find the happy medium. Fortunately, there was only one race in which the decision to abandon came close. The rest of the races were very fair.

In the first four races, Graeme Howie, sailing Ray Bassett’s Sanga, took two heat wins, Roger Paul took one and Glenn Dawson took one. After that, Glenn put together a string of three heat wins whilst a handful of others filled the podium positions.

Denton Roberts was performing really well in light winds which aren’t his favourite conditions. Simon Ellis was showing plenty of speed too with his Sanga. Phil Brown’s lovely timber Graffito is always a pleasure to see on the water, and with some tuning tips, was gradually improving across the course of the day.

/Champion Lakes/mews1Lunch was called about midday and the prospect of a fading wind meant that we kept the break fairly short. The lighter breezes in the afternoon suited the Blade 5 of Ian Sherriff and the NRW of Rob Mews.

Rob Mews generally keeps us all a’mews’ed. It would appear that he was appealing to the wind gods to bring him a shift, or a lift or something! Not sure how successful that was?

The Diamond’s of Roger and Denton were finding the lighter breezes more problematic, whilst the Sangas were doing their best to keep up with the light wind flyers.

Ian hit his straps in the afternoon, and it was great to see the Blade flying in the lighter stuff. However, Glenn managed to sniff out the remnants of wind to stay in touch and keeping at the front of the fleet in most races.

Rosco set courses which were nice and long. Most races were taking around 15 minutes to sail, which is terrific for these boats. Short 6 or 7 minute races might be fine for smaller boats, but the Tens really appreciate the longer course, as there are always much bigger gains and losses to be had with Ten Raters than the smaller boats.

Racing got called about 4.00pm as the wind virtually disappeared. Even though the wind was light, up until then, the boats could be sailed and manoeuvred. There wasn’t any time when the boats stopped, or when you couldn’t get the sails to set.

Thanks again to Rosco, Ray and Cliff for giving up your time to help us sail. Thanks also to all the competitors who enjoyed their day. We all agreed that we don’t sail these lovely boats enough!

/Champion Lakes/graeme1
Graeme found the shallow part of the lake



Click here for detailed results
PosName/ClubSail No.
1DAWSON, Glenn
AUS 76
2PAUL, Roger
AUS 86
AUS 57
4HOWIE, Graeme
AUS 31
5MEWS, Rob
AUS 41
6ELLIS, Simon
AUS 54
7ROBERTS, Denton
AUS 65
8BROWN, Phil
AUS 50

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