AUS IOM Championship Setup for a Huge Final Day

Feb 15, 2019

As we head to the final day of the 2019 IOM Australian Championship we have an exciting battle brewing to determine who will lift the trophy at the end of the final day.

It was probably to be expected, the battle between Paul Jones and Sean Wallis and the final day is going to be a cracker! 

Sean Wallis has retained his overnight lead from day two and will start the final day with a 6.3 point lead. In this fleet it's nothing, a strong performance by Jones on day three has seen him making his move toward a back to back championship while Wallis is doing all he can to defend his lead. In addition, South Australian Scott Mitchell is lingering in the background just 10 points behind Jones.

While the differences between the top skippers can seem significant, these can be closed down in a single race and leaves any of the top three in with a chance to claim victory.

Today's conditions saw the fleet sailing with B rigs to a top mark directly of shore and made it challenging for all skippers with the mark roundings extremely difficult resulting in numerous collisions and a record number of protests.

American, George Pedrick struggled through the day with trips to B & C fleet which has put pay to his aspirations of an AUS title win but he remains well in the top ten and will endeavour to make a move on the final day to improve his position.

Race winners for the day included WA's Robert Mews, Queenslander Grant Cooper from Gladstone, Tasmanian Mike Hickman and Paul Jones.

It is expected that conditions for tomorrow will be slightly lighter which will be ideal for the final showdown.




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PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1WALLIS, SeanAUS 71V10 LECLRSC61.7100.7
2JONES, PaulAUS 48K2LMRYC65.0141.0
3MITCHELL, ScottAUS 52BritpopARCYRC92.0147.0
4JOHNSTON, BradAUS 87Britpop!PRYC109.0176.0
5PAUL, RogerAUS 76V10PRSC109.0186.0
6PEDRICK, GeorgeUSA 150V10NBRCSC115.0205.0
7FLEMING, ScottAUS 53Plan BPLRMYC117.0186.0
8BENNETT, RossAUS 39V10 LEHWRS122.0338.0
9FREEBAIRN, MikeAUS 16SediciWMRMYC137.0192.0
10MEWS, RobertAUS 41V10CLRSC138.0219.0
11COOPER, GrantAUS 20V10GRCYC147.0249.0
12HICKMAN, MichaelAUS 45V10RBRYC162.0255.0
13PRYDE, PhilipNZL 23V10sNMMS164.0259.0
14ALLEN, DougAUS 72V10CKRY166.0244.5
15WALKER, LindsayAUS 02K2KBRYC185.0270.0
16FARRAR, AaronAUS 34BritPoPGRCYC185.0260.0
17BROWN, TimAUS 07SediciTTRYC193.0269.0
18REID, AndrewAUS 74BritpopAPMYC196.0301.0
19VITTE, EdgarAUS 50V10PRSC209.0308.0
20WILSON, AndrewAUS 187V10WMRMYC260.0381.0
21GOWER, JohnAUS 63V10PRYC262.0370.0
22SIBUN, NigelNZL 100Kantun 2NMMS269.0379.0
23JOHNSON, PaulNZL 04V10PRSC272.3360.3
24BUCHANAN, PeterAUS 115Britpop!HWRS302.0414.0
25RUSSELL, FrankAUS 75Ellipsis...CKRY310.0410.6
26KEAVY, WayneAUS 11v10KBRYC311.0434.0
27SHERWOOD, PeterAUS 27V10WMRMYC371.0539.0
28RUSSELL, GarryAUS 01K2CKRY380.0505.0
29NOWAK, RobAUS 17BritpopAPMYC389.0564.0
30MORRIS, GeoffreyAUS 96Kantun 2CKRY405.0544.0
31IRVINE, RobertAUS 44Fraktal 2TTRYC415.0586.0
32GRAY, RussellAUS 99BritPopWMRMYC420.0566.0
33GENTLES, MichAUS 121K2PRYC426.0571.0
34GULIC, MarioAUS 175Scharming XVaPLRMYC436.3586.3
35EDGAR, BruceNZL 93V10PRSC452.0597.0
36MITCHELL, KimAUS 174KMRFCRYC487.0659.0
37MITCHELL, PeterAUS 194ChaseARCYRC488.0653.0
38KAMPE, PeterAUS 90Tic TocWMRMYC500.0686.0
39CAMERON, ColinAUS 92Goth Evo 7TMMC521.1680.1
40NEWMAN, MarkAUS 60BritpopCMYC526.0701.0
41HINCHCLIFF, LaurieAUS 152PLAN BPRYC539.0695.0
42WARNE, DerickAUS 97Britpop CKRY552.0700.0
43BURFORD, PeterAUS 15Plan BPRYC564.3730.3
44PAYN, GrahamAUS 89V8LMRYC573.0764.0
45SPENCER, RossAUS 82BritPop!KBRYC577.0761.0
46WOOD, WarickAUS 128TNTPRYC598.0759.0
47HARRADINE, RichardAUS 84FusionTTRYC604.0765.0
48NEWMAN, PeterAUS 165V10KBRYC621.0792.0
49WILSON, RayAUS 151K2WMRMYC623.0809.0
50ELLIS, SimonAUS 05V10PRSC645.0838.0
51WILSON, MarkAUS 66V9LMRYC645.0841.0
52WILSON, AndrewAUS 08CorbieBRYC681.0865.0
53QUIGGIN, BradAUS 117V10LMRYC740.0956.0
54HARRIS, Eugenia_(Gene)USA 57V9NBRCSC745.0933.0
55WATSON, MartyAUS 120Blitz#2GRCYC748.0958.0
56MARTIN, PaulAUS 29V9WHMBC752.0968.0
57NEEDHAM, JohnAUS 171Fraktal 2TTRYC758.0974.0
58CLANCY, BillAUS 00NITROPRYC773.0989.0
59OBRIEN, RobertAUS 28TbaPLRMYC795.01,003.0
60LINDSLEY, NickAUS 40BLITZ 4MRYS801.01,017.0
61PRYOR, KenAUS 73V9PRYC807.01,023.0
62MEIKLE, RobertAUS 197BritPop!MRYS810.01,008.0
63SMITH, PeterAUS 10Plan BPLRMYC812.01,017.0
64SMITH, RickAUS 184V8BRYC813.01,019.0
65MEE, JimmyAUS 172V10WMRMYC837.01,046.0
66BESSELL, AlanAUS 37Plan BARCYRC842.01,047.0
67WELLS, DougAUS 160PikantoPRYC851.01,067.0
68WALLIS, NormanAUS 192TNTARCYRC853.01,069.0
69BROWN, PhilipAUS 21Britpop!GRCYC909.01,125.0
70CAMPBELL, StewartAUS 14PikantoKRYC957.01,173.0
71SEDGMEN, StephenAUS 30V10CMYC1,022.01,238.0

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