2019 AUS Marblehead Championship Final Day

Feb 12, 2019

The third and final day of the 2019 Marblehead Championship started with drifting north-east winds.  A course was set with the windward mark close to the bank on the Club end with a look along the start line from the port end.


Although it looked a great course the breeze clocked to the east before we had a chance to use it.  Major course reset was required to lay it along the bank and that was pretty much how it stayed for the rest of the day.  The wind strength varied from 3 knots building to overpower the bigger rigs later in the day.  The Race Officers kept the boat crews busy with minor tweaks of the start line bias and adjusting the bottom gate to ensure the fleet was split as much as possible.

On this last day of the Championship the pattern was set with Kirwan Robb (VIC) and Scott Condie (NSW) the two most likely contenders for the title barring the completely unexpected.  The final placings had Scott Condie just 11 points behind Kirwan and Scott Mitchell (SA) a further 24 points back in third.  Andrew Reid who had finished on the podium in the 10 Raters claimed fourth spot.




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PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1ROBB, KirwanAUS 94GrungeAPMYC52.088.0
2CONDIE, ScottAUS 06GrungeKBRYC63.098.0
3MITCHELL, ScottAUS 52IndieARCYRC87.0118.0
4REID, AndrewAUS 74GrungeAPMYC96.0139.0
5FLEMING, ScottAUS 72Red Ant F-4PLRMYC97.0135.0
6LITTLEDYKE, PaulAUS 77IndieARCYRC106.0151.0
7BENNETT, RossAUS 39IndieHWRS145.0204.0
8MCDOWALL, LincolnAUS 97Red Ant F-4APMYC160.0224.0
9OSBORN, BrettAUS 79IndieARCYRC182.0251.0
10JOYCE, RayAUS 53GrungeRBRYC191.0253.0
11MAO, HakuiJPN 78Red Ant F-5JMYS225.0300.0
12WALLIS, SeanAUS 71IndieCLRSC245.0329.0
13THOMAS, DavidAUS 88Red Ant F-4APMYC252.0320.0
14ALLEN, DougAUS 73IndieCKRY253.0337.0
15PAGE, PhilAUS 50Prime NumberNMRS264.0348.0
16ODONNELL, PatrickAUS 14Prime NumberNMRS334.0418.0
17FISHER, TrevorAUS 29MantraPRRYC356.2440.2
18OBRIEN, RobertAUS 28VibePLRMYC373.7457.7
19NOWAK, RobAUS 17NioutramAPMYC375.0459.0
20MITCHELL, DavidAUS 80INDIENMRS388.0472.0

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