2019 AUS Marblehead Championship Day 1

Feb 11, 2019

A solid north-easter was forecast so the Race Committee selected the alternative Control Area on the south-east side of the lake.

The breeze never did as it was told by the forecaster and stubbornly stayed in from the east, not the perfect direction for that part of the lake however the Race Officers managed to coax a very good windward-leeward course out of the situation.

Following on from his 10 Rater win, Kirwin Robb finished the day with 4 bullets from 7 races. Scott Condie was keeping Kirwan on his toes taking the other two wins for the day. Still two full days to find another Australian Champion.

Racing was halted late in the afternoon even though the breeze was still cooperating due to the bottom gate disappearing into the reflected glare of the setting sun. Given that it was heading to 1700 hours there was not too many disappointed sailors from that decision.

Forecast for tomorrow is for a stronger south-east


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PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1ROBB, KirwanAUS 94GrungeAPMYC52.088.0
2CONDIE, ScottAUS 06GrungeKBRYC63.098.0
3MITCHELL, ScottAUS 52IndieARCYRC87.0118.0
4REID, AndrewAUS 74GrungeAPMYC96.0139.0
5FLEMING, ScottAUS 72Red Ant F-4PLRMYC97.0135.0
6LITTLEDYKE, PaulAUS 77IndieARCYRC106.0151.0
7BENNETT, RossAUS 39IndieHWRS145.0204.0
8MCDOWALL, LincolnAUS 97Red Ant F-4APMYC160.0224.0
9OSBORN, BrettAUS 79IndieARCYRC182.0251.0
10JOYCE, RayAUS 53GrungeRBRYC191.0253.0
11MAO, HakuiJPN 78Red Ant F-5JMYS225.0300.0
12WALLIS, SeanAUS 71IndieCLRSC245.0329.0
13THOMAS, DavidAUS 88Red Ant F-4APMYC252.0320.0
14ALLEN, DougAUS 73IndieCKRY253.0337.0
15PAGE, PhilAUS 50Prime NumberNMRS264.0348.0
16ODONNELL, PatrickAUS 14Prime NumberNMRS334.0418.0
17FISHER, TrevorAUS 29MantraPRRYC356.2440.2
18OBRIEN, RobertAUS 28VibePLRMYC373.7457.7
19NOWAK, RobAUS 17NioutramAPMYC375.0459.0
20MITCHELL, DavidAUS 80INDIENMRS388.0472.0

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