2019 AUS Ten Rater Championship Day 2

Feb 7, 2019

The breeze that took till lunch time to come in on day 1 was there before briefing today. Courses were set and it was on.

\images\Day1_1Ten knots from the ESE gusting to a little more sometimes that was only interrupted by a squall late in the morning. It came through as a B fleet race was starting causing havoc on the line. After that passed there was the usual lull for a race or two before settling back in for the day.

Kirwan Robb continued the domination for the second day. His worst result was 4th, three of them, but they have now all been dropped. Andrew Reid is his closest competition but is 18 points in arrears and it is difficult to see how he can bridge that gap with the single day left to race. But Scott Condie is just 9 points from Reid so the silver medal is still up for grabs.

Novelty of the day was the B fleet competitor who was very late for the start due to equipment issues. With seconds remaining he launched the boat off the bank and streeted the fleet with his port start. Not recommend but it worked just this once.

The cloud cover reduced visibility after 4:00 p.m. and the top marks became harder to range find. As the last race was called Andrew Reid discovered his boat electronics unresponsive. As he worked to remedy the problem the start he missed ended in a general recall. That's what are mates for apparently! He made the re-start with less than a minute to spare.

The forecast for tomorrow looks similar, another champagne day at Regatta Lake.


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PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1ROBB, KirwanAUS 94TranceAPMYC38.055.0
2REID, AndrewAUS 74TranceAPMYC55.087.0
3CONDIE, ScottAUS 06TranceKBRYC61.098.0
4SEDGMEN, StephenAUS 30SangaCMYC88.0134.0
5BENNETT, RossAUS 39DiamondHWRS97.0135.0
6JARVIS, OwenAUS 82TranceKBRYC108.0154.0
7PAGE, PhilAUS 50SangaNMRS129.0197.0
8NEWMAN, MarkAUS 60SangaCMYC158.0219.0
9PAUL, RogerAUS 86DiamondPRSC161.0245.0
10THOMAS, DavidAUS 88Red Ant B-5APMYC213.0286.0
11KEAVY, WayneAUS 11B4KBRYC215.0288.0
12HOLLY, AndrewAUS 15P6NMRS241.0309.0
13ELLIS, SimonAUS 54SangaPRSC257.0341.0
14ODONNELL, PatrickAUS 51Blade 5NMRS263.0344.0
15BANWELL, AdrianAUS 47JABPRYC280.0357.0
16ROBERTS, DentonAUS 65DiamondPRSC290.0361.0
17FISHER, TrevorAUS 29DiamondPRRYC294.0373.0
18MARGOT, RogerAUS 67MargotPRYC310.0390.0
19COWLING, GrahamAUS 32CAPPER PRYC341.0413.0
20THOMPSON, IanAUS 64PartnerGCRYC369.0453.0

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