Speedy Mexican Takes Ian Hayden 10R Trophy

Jan 22, 2019

On the weekend of the 19th & 20th of January 2019, the Ian Hayden 10R Trophy was held at Kogarah Bay Sailing Club and hosted by Kogarah Bay Radio Yacht Club. This regatta is round one of the NSW 10R GP series and is held annually to celebrate the considerable contribution made by the late Ian Hayden to radio sailing, the NSWRYA and KBRYC.

This is a much-anticipated event and is the first ARYA 10R ranking regatta for the year. It’s also the last major NSW 10R regatta before the ARYA Nationals in Queensland and gives skippers a chance to sharpen their skills before the three-day ARYA event to be held from the 6th to the 8th of February.

Competitors travelled from Lake Macquarie, Canberra and Melbourne as well as the local Sydney and Central Coast fleet. With an entry list of 15 the Race Committee decided to run a single fleet.

It had been very hot and humid for a week and a southerly change was forecast to arrive during the morning. When the KBRYC members arrived to set up about 8am there was a high tide, a light southerly breeze and it was warm and humid. That all changed at about 9.45 when the breeze began to build and by the 10am start time it was blowing 18 to 20 knots and gusting 25 to 30 knots. It was to stay that strong or stronger for the remainder of the day. All skippers reached for their D rigs and racing got under way about 10.10am.

Scott Condie had set a long windward return course with a bottom gate. Set to the left of the clubhouse the course made for good spectator viewing with the 10 Raters leaping off the waves downwind and showing
incredible speed to windward. Not only fun to watch but fun to sail as well.

The western side of the bay has silted up and become much shallower in the last three or four years, possibly due to the extensions to the St George Motor Boat Club marina altering the tidal currents in the bay. The waves and strong gusts often made the boats difficult to tack and if a tack was missed near the shore then the result could be a beached boat. Almost every boat ended up aground at some stage as the tide dropped. Some more than once. The tough conditions caused some breakdowns and as a consequence all but two boats had a DNF or missed races. Eighteen races were completed on Saturday. The speedy Mexican Senior Reid (Trance) was first, Steve Sedgmen (Sanga) from Canberra was second and Scott Condie (Trance) was third.

On Sunday morning when the KBRYC members arrived to set up the tide was again high, it was still warm and humid, and the breeze was light out of the SE. The breeze stayed light all day but gradually swung to the NE and a couple of times a break was called because it dropped out altogether. A further eight races were completed without any of the breakdowns experienced on Saturday. 

Ian’s wife Barbara, and son Brett did us a great honour by being there to present the trophy and medals to the podium finishers. First, second and third will have their names engraved on the trophy. Here is an email sent to me by Barbara on Sunday evening.

“Thanks to you, Owen, and all of the Committee of the Sailing Club for, once again, running the Regatta in Ian’s name. I know how proud he would have been about this important event in his name. Ian loved his sailing and very much enjoyed being a member of your Club.

Congratulations to all the winners and congratulations, also, to each and every competitor.


These events don’t happen by themselves so thanks to the following for their help to make the regatta a success.

Peter Clarke, Leigh Grove, Ian Taylor, Allen Roberts, Ted Gay, Neil Webb, John Hall, Scott Condie and John Lewis from KBSC for providing the excellent lunches. And of course, thanks to all the competitors.

\images\ianhaydent1Pictured L to R: Stephen Sedgmen 2nd, Andrew Reid 1st, Brett Hayden, Barbara Hayden, and Scott Condie 3rd



Click here for detailed results
PosNameSail No.NettTotal
1REID, Andrew 7447.068.0
2SEDGMEN, Stephen 3050.480.4
3CONDIE, Scott 663.0112.0
4TAYLOR, Ben 70103.0138.0
5JARVIS, Owen 82106.0170.0
6PAGE, Phil 50110.0168.0
7NEWMAN, Mark 60123.0173.0
8FLETCHER, Maurie 18162.0216.0
9ROBERTS, Allen 182203.0267.0
10MENCE, Greg 49211.0275.0
11HOLLY, Andrew 15233.0297.0
12KEAVY, Wayne 11280.0344.0
13ANDREWS, Colin 9303.0367.0
14SANDS, Andrew 43319.0383.0
15ODONNEL, Patrick 51345.0409.0

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