Yachtsmen Gather for Gold Coast Australian Championships

Jan 14, 2019

The 2019 Australian Championships for Radio Controlled yachts are being held 4th – 16th February at Regatta Lake, Oxenford.  One hundred and eighteen sailors are currently entered in 4 classes of yacht. 

A team of volunteers from local clubs and the Queensland Radio Yachting Association (QRYA) has been planning this event for more than 12 months, with the support of the Southport Yacht Club and the City of Gold Coast.   This week Event Manager Ron Fawcett said “Competitors will start arriving in the first few days of February from locations as distant as Japan, the United States of America and New Zealand.  A strong contingent from Perth will be traveling further than the New Zealanders!”

\images\nats_1The event will be based from the Southport Yacht Club Watersports Centre that was opened just last year.  State level radio sailing events have been held on two occasions leading up to this national event so the local organisers and sailors could gain experience at this exciting venue.  The expansive lake offers fair courses to be set in any wind direction.

Radio sailing is a growing sport in Queensland and indeed across the world.  Competition uses the same rules of sailing that larger classes do up to Olympic level.  Some of the competitors are experienced sailors who have competed at the highest level, while others have entered the sport for the first time.  One of the attractions for both new and experienced sailors is the number of races that can be held in one day.  The excitement of the starting sequence and the chess-like tactics in reading the conditions are all the same in radio sailing, but more events can be had in a shorter timeframe.

\images\nats_2Recently a number of newer one-design low cost classes have entered the market and numbers have been growing quickly.  ‘One-design’ is about every sailor having the same affordable equipment, available off the shelf.  If the trend in North America repeats itself here we can expect numbers to continue to grow in Queensland and across Australia.

As Col Cameron, President of the Queensland Radio Yachting Association (QRYA) said recently “If you have always wanted to go sailing but did not have the time or resources, or if you are an experienced sailor and want to continue to use your experience, then this sport is for you.  But be careful, it’s very addictive”.  As important is the social network that is a major part of this sport.

\images\nats_3If you want a great day out in the first half of February, Regatta Waters Lake is in the middle of Damian Leeding Memorial Park at Oxenford.  The regatta site will be open to the spectating public on all racing days and a cafe is open every day for a relaxing coffee and a snack while you watch the racing. So make an entry in your calendar to watch some exciting radio controlled racing.   Details can be found at  You can find a club near you on the QRYA website



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