SA DF95 States at Mawson Lakes

Dec 7, 2022

Twenty-six yachts representing three states and two countries set the tone for a fun competitive event. This third running of the SA State Championship showed the stunning growth of the Dragon Flite 95 in South Australia.  Mawson Lakes set the Stage for a wonderful Dragon Flite 95 State Championship Event contested Saturday 3rd December with light Northerly Breezes (which slowly clocked left throughout the day).

20221208_SA_DF95_1The unexpected huge support of the class forced the organisers to split the fleets and race two fleets under HMS. The Mawson Lakes race committee were quick to adjust to ensure that a suitable number of races were achieved in the single day that was programmed!

After the First Race It was clear at those early stages that there was going to be super tight racing between the Australian Global DF95 Team Representatives (Phill Burgess, John Wyatt, Peter Newman), Graham Roberts from Tauranga New Zealand and the Local contingent of DF95 Sailors.

20221208_SA_DF95_2Mid way through the Session as the wind settled to a 5 Knot South Wester down the lake. it was clear that there was a four-way fight was developing at the top, between Graham Roberts (NZ) Local Skippers Simon How and Johan Bergkvist were right in the thick of it with John Wyatt (NSW) really putting the pressure on as well.

The action was still really hot all through the fleets with several sub battles.  Several Family Shows had similar stakes as the leaders where Danny James and Don James were participating as a Father; Son. The White family had three generation 

rivalry where Son ; Father and Grandfather where sailing together as well!

In the Back half of the day; It was starting to get hot! and the action cranked up accordingly! Mawson Lakes committee broke out the icy-poles and we started to watch Peter Newman make a late charge up the board with some strong finishes as well: However, in the end it became a three-way battle into last race as the day timed out!


John Wyatt (NSW), Graham Roberts (NZ) and Simon How (SA) They started  heat 8A, It came down to decision making: The racecourse was experiencing generally a southwest breeze of sub 5 knots, then there was the odd squirt of east breeze.  Simon and Graham sailed conservatively; John was more adventuresome which ultimately took him out of the fight.

Simon How (SA) ultimately got across the line first sealing the victory and the championship by 1 point! Graham Roberts (NZ) 2nd over the line and in the championship.  John Wyatt (NSW) winning the overall podium slot on countback for 3rd from Johan Bergkvist (SA) in 4th.

Tim Paynter Earned himself a ADFRSA Battery for his efforts back in the fleet after only sailing DF95 for less than 2 months.

Allan Carli Earned himself an ADFRSA hat for being a Journeyman bouncing around the fleets and winning his way out of B fleet frequently! Allan is another skipper who had only acquired his yacht a short time before the championship.

Big thankyou to all competitors participated in this DF ranking event, We also pay a huge acknowledgement to our interstate competitors who supported our event.  And even bigger shoutout to Graham Roberts who flew over the Tasman to come sail with us as well!

Big Thankyou to Peter Handran-Smith (Sailing@Lightsview) as Race Officer and the Mawson Lakes Race/Club Commitee for making this event an outstanding success and giving a firm commitment to supporting a 2-day 2023 DF95 State Championship!




PosNameSail No.NettTotalR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8
1Simon HowAUS 68813.023.0(6.0)3.0(4.0)
2Graham RobertsAUS 6814.
3John WyattAUS 3621.
4Johan BergkvistAUS 85721.039.02.0(11.0)(7.0)
5Peter NewmanAUS 6327.049.0(10.0)
6Phil BurgessAUS 80134.063.03.0(15.0)
7Danny JamesAUS 6236.
8Tony WhiteAUS 5337.
9Stephen CibichAUS 66640.
10Christopher RyanAUS 6648.
11Mark StockhausenAUS 75951.
12Jeff WatsonAUS 45455.
13Allan CarliAUS 34455.079.0(12.0)9.011.0(12.0)
14Norm WallisAUS 85261.0104.07.0(18.0)
15Peter WhiteAUS 35279.0122.09.0(19.0)15.017.0(24.0)
16Chris ChatfieldAUS 18379.0121.07.014.0(22.0)14.0(20.0)
17Michael MarshallAUS 51484.0128.
18Bob WhiteheadAUS 7586.0130.
19Clinton ThomasAUS 15288.0130.010.0(22.0)
20Don TurnbullAUS 58388.0133.04.013.0(25.0)(20.0)
21Nathan BuntAUS 137100.0144.09.017.0(21.0)(23.0)
22Cameron WhiteAUS 50114.0166.012.0(25.0)18.016.0(27.0)
23Geof SharpAUS 144118.0167.
24Donald JamesAUS 321123.0175.08.021.0(26.0)(26.0)
25Kym WhitallAUS 27123.0173.
26Timothy PaynterAUS 343124.0176.013.0(26.0)

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