2021 winding down towards a bigger and better 2022

Dec 8, 2021

We thought 2020 was a terrible year and were looking forward to 2021. Surely the new year could not be as bad! Well that turned out to be a poor prediction! Surely this time things have to improve. We are all looking forward with optimism, that the country generally and radio sailing in particular can return to something like we were accustomed to. 

What is on the horizon for the ARYA???


The ARYA have not been sitting still over these months. There has been a lot of work done at an administrative level to help our members and skippers to engage with radio sailing at whatever level you wish.

ARYA Sailing Calendar 2022:

I'd like to particularly thank Brian Outram, who has come on board and made great improvements in the area of the sailing calendar and events. In conjunction with Ron Fawcett, Brian has prepared the ARYA's calendar in such a way that we can better follow upcoming events and remind States if their Notices of Race and results of ranking events are getting close to the deadline for submitting.

Members can view the whole calendar, hopefully with the objective of planning their participation in ARYA events. The ARYA events are listed on the website, but the entire year's events can also be viewed on this link.

ARYA National Championships 2022:

Unfortunately the Nationals for 2021 were unable to be held owing to the ongoing government travel restrictions around the country. We are hopeful that the regular cycle of Nationals will be able to re-start in the near future, starting with the DF Classes Nationals in Hobart in mid-March. Our next priority is to get an IOM National Championship up and running, to fall inside the selection period for the 2022 IOM World Championships, programmed to be held in Croatia in November 2022. 

The other classes are due to be sailed in Western Australia, but dates have not been decided at this point in time, until there is some news on the border opening dates.

ARYA Annual General Meeting 2022:

The ARYA are hopeful that we will be able to hold our AGM in late March - hopefully at the venue of the IOM National Championships. Nominations for positions on the ARYA Committee are open and members are encouraged to contact their State Committee if they are interested in becoming involved with the ARYA Committee. There are positions on the General Committee which do not have specific tasks allocated, so there is no pressure to take on responsibility for particular jobs, and allows people to gain experience and understanding of how the committee works.

ARYA Administration 2021:

The ARYA have spent time in the previous year making several reviews and updates to our Constitution, By-Laws and Policies. In many of these cases, the documents were outdated and did not reflect the activities of the Association any more. There is always a lot of healthy discussion either within the Committee or with the State bodies to achieve these outcomes for the Association. Thankfully, everyone involved has the best interests of radio sailing and the ARYA at heart, so the outcome is generally positive and practical.

ARYA Committee 2021: Seasons Greetings:

On behalf of the members of the ARYA Committee, I would like to wish our members and friends all the best for the festive season. We join with you in wishing for a return to some type of normality in our activities, and hope to see you around the buoys.


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