South Australian Ten Rater Championship 2021

Sep 29, 2021

The South Australian Ten Rater State Championships were sailed on Sunday 26 September 2021. Tony White set up a "picket fence" with his results on the day - well sailed Tony.

Seven skippers lined up for the 2021 10R State Title at Tiranna Way and were met by a shifty N to NE to E breeze that required many course changes.

Jeff Watson was out early with radio issues. Alan Bessel also retired with radio gremlins.

Most of the fleet traded places and had their moments in the sun with a mix of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places. The battle for third was close with four points separating Chris Juttner from Bob Whitehead. This would have been closer had right-of-way Bob not suffered damage but chose not to pursue a protest for a redress. Tim Arland scored seconds and thirds and that was enough for an overall second place.

But there was nothing the fleet could do about Tony White, who won every race convincingly and secured first place. Well sailed, Tony!

The sailing was orderly with penalties taken when required.

John Gratton was RO with Johan Bergkvist and Peter Hendy assisting.



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PosNameSail No.NettTotal
1Tony White AUS 3310.012.0
2Tim Arland AUS 14424.033.0
3Chris Juttner AUS 0131.040.0
4Bob Whitehead AUS 6535.048.0
5Ian Dowsett AUS 4441.055.0
6Alan Bessell AUS 0273.089.0
7Jeff Watson AUS 6180.096.0

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