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Jul 7, 2021

There have been a number of changes on the ARYA Executive Committee lately. Having taken on the roles of both Publicity Officer and ARYA Registrar at the 2019 Annual General Meeting, Sean Wallis has found it necessary to reduce his work load and has stepped down from his role as Publicity Officer.

Sean has provided the ARYA with a great service in our online presence, through website development, online services and social media presence. He has advised that he needs to step away from his role as Publicity Officer effective immediately but will continue to serve in his capacity as Registrar by providing and further developing a fully functional process for boat registration. 

On behalf of the ARYA I would like to thank Sean for his generous contribution in terms of both the development of intellectual property as well as his time commitment to the Publicity Role.

As a result, the ARYA are in need of a person to take over this important work, and continue to develop the great work that Sean has provided.


Following the ARYA’s Special General Meeting, the Constitution changes have been made and submitted to the SA Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. The Constitution has been accepted and is now in force.

Following the Constitutional changes, the ARYA Executive Committee is now able to include up to 4 General Committee members. We are now calling for nominations for people interested in becoming part of the administration of the Association.

When considering this change, the ARYA committee’s idea was that these additional participants may be able to add some of the following benefits:

  • Improve the representation of States – currently there are no Committee members from TAS or ACT
  • Balance the representation from our larger membership States: currently there is only one committee member from NSW and one from QLD, which collectively represent 55% of the total membership of the association.
  • Increase the diversity of skill sets of the members of the committee.
  • Provide an easier pathway into the committee allowing people to join without assuming a specific responsibility, thereby improving succession planning.
  • One specific role that we would like to fill is that of an Events Co-Ordinator to administer the ARYA’s Sailing Calendar and Ranking system.


The terms of appointment for both the Publicity Officer and General Committee members will conclude at the 2022 ARYA AGM, at which time, nominations will be called for these positions, in the usual manner.

If there are enough nominations to just cover the available places, they will be presented to our member States for ratification prior to appointment. Should there be more nominations than places available, a vote of the ARYA Committee and States will be held.

If there are any ARYA members who would be able to assist the ARYA by volunteering for any of these vacant positions, could you please consider stepping forward for nomination to the ARYA’s Committee?

Could you please advise your State Committee if you are willing to volunteer to assist the Association. We would appreciate nominations for Committee positions to be received by the ARYA Secretary prior to 31 July 2021, indicating which role the nomination is for.

For further details or to inquire about the activities undertaken by the Committee, please email

Glenn Dawson


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