Marblehead and Ten Rater classes announce new International Class Associations

May 11, 2021

After many years as Class Associations within the IRSA, the Marblehead (IMCA) and Ten Rater Classes (ITCA) now have fully operational International Class Associations.

International Marblehead Class Association
International Tenrater Class Association

Each of the new Class Associations have a website, a foundation membership and also foundation executives who have steered the classes through to the point of independence. The last part was the separation and agreement with the IRSA on an Associate Membership. This gives the two new Associations the ability to now determine their own future including managing the Class Rules, Boat Measurement as well as the development and promotion of international events like Regional and World Championships.

But, please be patient as they bring themselves up to speed. Everything will happen with time.

Ten Rater

How Can You Help?

If you wish to help at this stage, it would be appreciated if you could announce on your websites and by other means that the two associations are now formed and welcoming new members.
A "member" is defined as a national body/association that represents Marbleheads or Ten Raters in your country.
If this is not in place and you have these classes sailing, then a member can also be a Class Secretary, National Officer or National Coordinator connected to the IRSA Designated National Member in some way.  In Australia, the ARYA has joined these International Class Associations as a Foundation Member.

A big focus will be organising Regional and World Championships for the new associations. If you could caste the net, so to speak, to see if there are clubs or groups in your nation who would like to be part of this, then please let us know.

The key contacts at this stage are:

Phil Holiday (IMCA Chairman)   
Selwyn Holland (ITCA Chairman)

Should you wish to contact these gentlemen to offer assistance to the new International Class Associations, please contact through the ARYA Secretary using

We wish the International Class Associations all the best for the development and progression of these two great classes.

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