IOM ICA World Championship announcement

Feb 19, 2021

IOM ICA have released notification that the 2022 World IOM Championships are awarded to Rogoznica in Croatia in April. This article contains further information in relation to the event.


At time of writing, the event Notice of Race for the regatta has not been released as the request for World Championship status has yet to be allocated through the IRSA. In previous years, the request for World Championship status for the event has largely been a formality. However, at present, discussions are taking place at the IRSA Executive Committee level in relation to the event. The ARYA will advise as soon as any additional information comes to hand.

During the Covid pandemic, the Australian Government's Smart Traveller website indicates that International travel is banned unless a person has an exemption and a permit from the Department of Home Affairs.

However, the ARYA acknowledges that these obstacles may be overcome as time goes on, and we should be as prepared as we can to meet deadlines should the event be able to proceed. Accordingly, the ARYA request that any skipper who thinks they would like to participate in the Worlds register your interest. To register, please forward your name, email address and phone number to

Given the huge uncertainty which exists at this point in time, please do not make any bookings or arrangements on the basis of the announcement from IOM ICA

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