New Radio Sailing Call Book Released

Feb 12, 2021

World Sailing have adopted the latest Radio Sailing Call Book and published it on their website.



This book replaces the original Radio Sailing Case Book which was generated by Gordon Davies and Peter Johnson and with help from many you will now (Roy Granich, John Ball, Zoran Grubisa, Graham Bantock , Olivier Cohen, Roger Stollery and others). This was originally published by the IRSA but has now been accepted by World Sailing as part of the suite of important subsidiary publications to help enhance the latest Racing Rules of Sailing.

The Call Book is a document which is used in conjunction with the Racing Rules of Sailing. The Call Book takes many of the common situations encountered in radio sailing and provides an explanation about which rules are relevant and how they are interpreted.

The Call Book is an important companion to the Racing Rules of Sailing, which helps skippers and protest committees to better understand how the rules are applied in practice. The book can be found at the following link:

Previously, the book was called the Radio Sailing Case Book and was only available on the IRSA website. Gordon Davies was pleased to hand over the document to World Sailing for inclusion with the suite of other Call Books that World Sailing manage for various sailing disciplines. It is another step for radio sailing into the mainstream of the sailing community. Richard Thompson from World Sailing was the Chairman of the Committee which developed the book, which will be updated every four years.

All RC skippers are encouraged to download a free version of the Call Book to assist them in their understanding of the Racin Rules of Sailing.

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