AUS Sailing & COVID-19

Nov 20, 2020

As we head into 2021 we are seeing some relaxation with domestic border policies, so where are we at with Australian radio sailing?

Clubs in most states of Australia have been able to resume their normal sailing programs, albeit with COVID-19 policies applied, and in most cases sailing as returned without many significant challenges. Victoria has been the last state to resume sailing having come out of lock-down in the past few weeks although, a recent outbreak in South Australia has seen sailing curtailed for a short time as the government implemented lock-down in this state.

We have been fortunate to see regional championship events and state championships for most classes held, but with the state border restrictions the ability to travel within Australia to participate in events has not been possible with entries limited to host state only.

Now with the further relaxation of border restrictions we are seeing a small, but increasing number of sailors rolling the dice to head across borders with the hope of not being stranded in the event of an unexpected outbreak of the dreaded 'rona' and no doubt as we see a more consistent approach to interstate travel by state governments, even more will start to travel.

Planning for events in 2021 is in hand and event announcements & programs are being released in the near future (if not already done) however, earlier this year the Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) advised that the resumption of ranking events would not occur until such time as flexible interstate travel is available to all sailors and until clear travel policies are defined, ranking events will not be resumed.

Australian Championship schedules are still up in the air, but will see the Marblehead, Ten Rater & A Class held in Perth 'tentatively' in August/September, while the IOM championship venue is yet to be decided but will be in either Melbourne (time TBA) or Perth in August/September - WATCH THIS SPACE!

We can only hope that heading into 2021 we will see a clear pathway for radio sailing 'normality' to return!

For those following the events, this weekend (21-22 November) will see the QLD IOM Championship at Gladstone contested by twenty seven boats and will no doubt be a hotly contested event with Paul Jones hoping his new K2 will come out on top. This will be followed by the WA IOM Championship in Bunbury on 28-29 November where the sandgropers will see if 'they've got what it takes!' and then the weekend of 05-06 December has the SA DF65 & DF95 Championships at West Lakes and the TAS Marblehead Championship at Montrose Bay as well as the SE QLD IOM Championship at Emerald Lakes where a Jones / Wallis showdown is likely.







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