ARYA Suspends Rankings / States To Commence Scheduling

Jun 4, 2020

COVID-19 has seen a loss of a significant number of ranking events over the past few months and as the relaxation to social distancing restrictions are being applied sailing is resuming across the country.

\images\123imageWhile this is great news for club sailing, the current border restrictions still being applied and the lack of surety as to when these will be removed is causing angst with State Associations looking to reschedule ranking events such as regional & state championships.

The ARYA has therefore made the decision to suspend the ranking system until 31 December 2020 given that there are no upcoming international events for which sailors require qualification under our ranking system and those nominated for postponed international events to be held in 2021 will remain unchanged.

This change will now allow State Associations to re-commence the scheduling of events with immediate effect without having to consider the policies of the ranking system and we can expect event schedules to be released in the near future. 

With the hope of border restrictions being relaxed soon, the choice of events will be a sailors dream (or a potential nightmare) but will certainly provide enough sailing events to catch up on lost time!

What will come around relatively quickly will be the schedule for the 2021 Australian Championships which will be held in Perth and will kick off with the Marblehead, Ten Rater & A Class in February 2021 and given the IOM Australian Championship will not be held in 2020, Western Australia are looking to bring forward the 2021 event to the earlier part of the year. Watch this space!

At least for now we are back on the water - enjoy!




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