Travel to regattas to be more affordable!

May 6, 2020

Flights to our regattas could be more affordable with prices to be slashed as airlines try to recover from the impact of coronavirus.

\images\20200506_airplaneWhile we anxiously await news of the schedule of events for later this year it would appear that the thought of significant increases to airfares may not be such a sure thing. 

Our Australian airlines are now working to figure out what the landscape will look like post COVID-19 and it is assured that the demand in domestic travel will not automatically bounce back to pre-COVID levels. Already there will be a lack of domestic travellers that connect to international flights due to the ongoing international travel ban, as well as a general weaker demand for travel which will see the airlines battle for the small amount of people ready to fly.

This can only mean one thing for us - cheap flights!

Qantas chief executive, Alan Joyce has already flagged flights as cheap as $19 between Sydney & Melbourne with Jetstar, with similar low pricing to stimulate travel across other routes on their networks, and there's no doubt that Virgin Australia will join the fight for a piece of the market.

Hotels and other accommodation providers have also suffered through COVID-19 and they will be eager to attract travelers with similar offers as the doors re-open.

Overall it appears that our concerns of more expensive travel may be quite the opposite and your travel to the next interstate regatta could be as cheap as a taxi to the city or a couple of hamburgers from Macca's.

We patiently await!




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