IOM Oceania Regional On Track

May 4, 2020

While the effect of COVID-19 has created massive disruption to radio sailing calendars world-wide the organising committee are hopeful that the inaugural IOM Oceania Regional Championship will continue as scheduled in December 2020.

\images\oceania_logo_lgFollowing both Australia and New Zealand’s progress in containing COVID-19, talks have commenced between the two nations governments to examine how tourism can resume between the two countries by establishing the proposed “trans-Tasman bubble” allowing travel between the two countries, which will be a key component to the event being held.

With COVID-19 restrictions, radio sailing events across both countries have been cancelled or postponed for the coming months including the cancellation of the 2020 IOM Australian Championship, and with the hope that travel restrictions will be relaxed sufficiently, the level of interest in participation at the Oceania Regional in Christchurch will be high.

We will continue to wait with anticipation that government agreements will be met with sufficient time for the event to be held, but at present it remains scheduled and interested sailors should complete the expression of interest on the event website, and once we have a clearer position as to the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions the organising committee will outline the selection criteria.

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Posted by: ARYA Publicity