West Australian's Back on the Water

May 2, 2020

Western Australia's easing of restrictions as part of COVID-19 will see club sailing re-commence in WA albeit with strict policies and limitations in place but what about the rest of us?

\images\20200502_coronaSouth Australia has a similar policy to WA however state governments across Australia are not aligned with the easing of restrictions, while Queensland looks to be the next state to announce some easing of policies other states remain adamant that restrictions will not be eased in the short term, but May 8 could be a significant date with the national cabinet meeting, where top of the agenda will be the easing of restrictions across the country.

So what does it mean for Australian radio sailing in the longer term?

ARYA Secretary, Glenn Dawson advised the cancellation/postponement of ARYA Ranking events until 31 July is still in place however will continue to be reviewed with further advice issued in due course.

In addition Dawson stated “the ARYA Executive is monitoring the situation closely, and continuing our conversations around the issue. We acknowledge that there will be differences in government regulations from state to state around the country. Some states are further advanced than others in lifting restrictions. However, the ARYA’s ranking system will not be opened until there is a level playing field around the country as far as participation is concerned. No state will have an advantage or be disadvantaged as a result of these differences in local government regulations or restrictions. This was the intention of the ranking system in the first place, and the overarching principle on which decisions will be made.”

Club sailing and non-ranking events may commence as local government restrictions allow and will be coordinated by each state assocation however, nobody has a crystal ball and it may see ranking events not re-commencing for some time.

Whilst we see easing of restrictions, we need to remind ourselves that COVID-19 will remain and until such time as vaccinations are available or other methods of control are implemented we must continue to abide by social distancing and other policies and restrictions. How this will look and impact radio sailing is yet another question.

Will the national cabinet meeting ease restrictions enough, we await with bated breath, but maybe, just maybe, we may be in a position to resume national radio sailing events in the latter part of this year.


Author: Sean Wallis

Category: General
Posted by: ARYA Publicity