Stuck At Home - Need Something To Do?

Mar 26, 2020

The Corona Virus has changed life as we knew it. That regular trip to the lake to meet up with the boys and race our boats appears to be gone and maybe for quite some time.

\images\shedSailing - gone!, Footy - gone!, that list of jobs on the fridge - it can stay there! What else is there to do?

There's no time to waste, there a jobs to be done. Your boat needs ongoing maintenance and what better time is there to do it than now.

A good wash out is a great place to start particularly if you sail on salt water. Water with a few drops of metho and give it a good splash around on the inside of the boat but be sure to avoid the electrics.

Speaking of electrics, why not take the opportunity to replace all the wiring, but make sure you have another beer before hand - it's a good aid to keep the soldering iron steady!

Next is your rigs and running gear, check all your sidestays and replace (even if you think they might last another season change them now), same with all your sheets. Spend some extra time making sure that everything is moving freely. Again, if you've been sailing in salt water give them a really good wash and dont forget to shoot some water down the inside of your masts and booms.

When we all finally get back on the water there'll be no excuse for a poorly prepared boat!

Once you've completed the job why not sit down and take a look at what it used to be like and take advantage of watching the replays of the 2017 IOM Worlds at Pierrelatte

Have fun and let's hope we can get back on the water soon!




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