Maintenance & Preparation is Everything!

Dec 13, 2019

Queensland's Col Cameron provides a user guide on setting up, after sailing and ongoing maintenance of your DF95. 

\images\df95While written for the DF95, the after sailing and ongoing maintenance activities can be shared across most radio sailing classes. Written by Queensland DF95 Class Coordinator, Col Cameron, the guide provides learning for new and experienced sailors alike, and the importance of having your boat in tip-top condition on race day is essential.

Covering the initial setup of your boat including electrics, fin & bulb, mast & sails and sail tuning to after sailing and ongoing maintenance, while not exhaustive, this document provides a quick reference to assist with keeping your boat in good health and ready for your next race day.

The document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Good luck and good racing!


Category: Australia
Posted by: ARYA Publicity