Notice of ARYA Annual General Meeting

Dec 12, 2019

Preliminary notice is given that the Australian Radio Yachting Association Inc. (ARYA) will be held at the Yarrawonga Yacht Club on Monday, 17th February 2020.



Preliminary notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association is to be held at the Yarrawonga Yacht Club, River Rd, Yarrawonga, Victoria, on Monday, 17th February, 2020 at 1700 hours or immediately after sailing, whichever is the later.

ARYA is calling for any motions from member states that they would like to have considered at the AGM. It will facilitate preparation of the agenda if you adhere to the following:

(a) Motions should be submitted by the state secretary
(b) Motions must be clear and unambiguous
(c) Motions should be as brief as possible and not contain the mechanics of putting the motion into force.
(d) Motions should have another state seconding the motion.
(e) Supporting information, on a separate sheet, should accompany the motion.

ARYA is also calling for nominations for the following executive positions

  • President (Incumbent Andrew Reid, Vic)
  • Vice President (Incumbent Bill Clancy, Qld)
  • National Secretary (Incumbent Ross Bennett, WA- standing down)
  • Treasurer (Incumbent Norm Wallis, SA)
  • Registrar (Incumbent Sean Wallis, WA)
  • Technical Officer (Incumbent Robert Hales, NSW)
  • Publicity Officer (Incumbent Sean Wallis, WA)
  • Public Officer (Incumbent Trevor Jeffree, SA)

Nominations are also invited for the following Non-Executive positions:

National Class Co-Ordinators for the following classes:

  • International A Class (Incumbent Denton Roberts, WA)
  • International Marblehead Class (Scott Condie, NSW)
  • International Ten Rater Class (Incumbent Glenn Dawson, WA)
  • International One Metre Class (Incumbent Sean Wallis, WA)
  • National RC Laser Class (Incumbent Adrian Heard, SA)
  • Dragon Force 65 (incumbent Phil Burgess, NSW)

Candidates must be nominated by a State Council (ARYA Constitution 10.5). The candidate must also have accepted their nomination. Nominations should be channeled via the state secretaries.

ARYA is also calling for all items of General Business that any state or ARYA committee member would like discussed. These must be channeled via your state secretary only.
Please note, no items of general business will be added to the agenda on the day.

For further information, please contact your State Association committee.


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