Australian’s Land in Porto Alegre

Nov 16, 2019

The Australian Team for the 2019 IOM World Championship have arrived in Porto Alegre and it was time to hit the water.

\images\WORLDS_MEAS_DAY1_3The 2019 IOM World Championship is about to commence but ahead of the racing is the measurement and registration which commenced on Friday and will continue through today (Saturday). All of the Australian’s have completed the task albeit with the odd file or two coming out to manage some overweight keels while others were in search of small amounts of weight to bring the boat up to minimum weight but at the end of the day were all passed and cleared for sailing.

\images\WORLDS_MEAS_DAY1_5The weather has been great with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s and sunny with a good breeze.   With a practice sail today we enjoyed some really nice B rig conditions and with a huge fetch on the lake the waves were up and some awesome surfing conditions prevailed.

As more and more sailors completed the registration process the numbers on the water increased dramatically and at one time it would be estimated that 35-40 boats would have been sailing on the small sailing area making it quite challenging at times to avoid an incident.

Adjourning to the bar in the afternoon the stories started to tell how challenging this was with a number of sailors discussing collision counts (the writer claiming one!).

The sailing control area is a nicely manicured grass but is not elevated and with the sun setting in the west the glare in the afternoon could had another complexity to the sailing.

The club has been most welcoming and have ensured that the beers are cold (except for Jones & Dougy who had so suffer with a warm one as the bar stocks were depleted!).






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