2019 Ray Tilbrook Memorial Regatta

Oct 8, 2019

Held at the Perth Radio Sailing Club, this year’s Ray Tilbrook Memorial was sailed on a lovely spring day at Jackadder Lake. The sun shone all day, and the water was reasonably clear of weed. Unfortunately, a number of our skippers were away or working, so participation was down on previous years.

/Ten Rater Class/tenRater-medArriving at the lake in the morning, we found a terrific 8 knot breeze blowing from right to left across the lake. Typically, this is one of the better wind directions at Jackadder, allowing for nice long courses. 

As the day unfolded though, a westerly component arrived, and this resulted in the wind becoming very shifty with some really big downdrafts hitting the lake. It feels like you are sailing in the wash of a helicopter, as the colder wind blows over the hill behind the lake, and dumps down onto the water. Sails flap no matter which direction you point your boat and there are some very big holes that develop. This makes it quite difficult to sail the boat with any consistency.

It also means that the wind can fill in from different angles and lots of distance can be won and lost by being on the right side of these shifts. Some call it a lottery, and many get very frustrated.

Anyway – our Race Officer for the day was Warren Rock and his trusty sidekick was Bob Paton. Craig Taylor came to the lake to assist for the morning as well. We thank Warren, Bob and Craig for running the day. Warren set a good long course which at least gave people opportunities to catch up if they got caught out on the outside of a big shift.

Jeff’s Diamond won the first race of the day, but then Glenn sailed the Sanga to the next three. Graeme started a bit slowly, but in the latter part of the morning, showed some very smart tactical sailing to put himself well into the equation. His Aero was wearing a pocket luff A rig, which gave him good boat speed.

We welcomed Brett Milner to the fleet, sailing Simon’s Blade. It was great to see Brett getting to grips with a Ten Rater, and he seemed to be having a pretty good time. The Tens certainly are a bit faster than the smaller boats Brett is accustomed to sailing.

Simon had his Sanga going really fast. Some of his results were a result of small errors which put him in a spot of bother. Simon’s results don’t really reflect his boat speed. Roger was having a fairly poor morning, but was trying quite a few things to get his boat up to speed.

After lunch, Graeme and Jeff were sharing the race wins, and towards the latter part of the afternoon, Roger hit his straps. His tuning had found a sweet spot, and his Diamond started to show the speed we know it can generate.

Glenn didn’t win another race in the afternoon, but continued to sail consistently. Over the course of the day, Graeme and Glenn each had 4 heat wins, Jeff had 3 and Roger 2. So the point differences were determined by the places people finished when they didn’t win races.

With three races to go, the points between Graeme and Glenn were equal. Jeff was within striking distance if things went well. Unfortunately for Graeme, he got a rather large reed wrapped around his keel in the final race, which handed the event to Glenn. Jeff finished off strongly, but was just not able to catch Graeme.


There are a few photos attached which show the skippers and their boats. Thanks again to Warren, Bob and Craig. A job well done.


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PosNameSail No.NettTotal
1DAWSON, GlennAUS 7621.029.0
2HOWIE, GraemeAUS 3024.035.0
3GREEN, JeffAUS 9530.041.0
4PAUL, RogerAUS 8635.047.0
5ELLIS, SimonAUS 5445.058.0
6MILNER, BrettAUS 2652.064.0

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