Scott-fecta at SA Marblehead States

Sep 16, 2019

The SA Marblehead class State Championship was held at Harts Mill, Port Adelaide over the weekend of 7-8 September and WOW! another great weekend of Marblehead competition!

\images\SA_M2Twenty one entries.  Due to the number of competitors the Heat Management System was used with two fleets.

Hart’s Mill was the venue which provides a great vantage point for competitors and is the venue that has been used in Adelaide to conduct major events and the 2016 Nationals.  Dry launching from a large pontoon which is accessed by a long gently sloping ramp makes for easy launching and retrieval.

Day one saw racing commence at near the scheduled starting time after registration and Measurement Certificates were sighted and the breeze settled so that a course could be set.  The weather had moderated from the previous day with a good relatively constant strong wind.  Race Officer “Johno” Johnson kept the racing organised and smoothly organised throughout the day.  Lunch was provided; great Hamburgers and steak sandwiches.

C rigs were the order of the day. Scott Condie held the lead at the close of day one with Scott Fleming and Scott Mitchell keeping him aware of the competition and setting up a Scott trifecta.

Day two continued at Hart’s Mill with Rob (Gullie) Cameron taking over the ROs position.  Overnight the weather strengthened with a couple sporting C2 rigs to start the day.  A short rain squall dampened things for a short while but soon passed to remain rain free for the remainder of the day. During the day others changed to C2 but quickly back to C1 as the wind strength moderated.  Chicken and chips were the order of the day, a good serving with no one looking for more.

\images\SA_M1The final results saw Scott Condie continue where he left off from Saturday first, with Scott Fleming and Scott Mitchell taking out the minor placings.  B Fleet victors were Tony White and Ian Dowsett. 

Thank you to all of the interstate competitors; five from Victoria, Ray Joyce from Tasmania and Scott Condie from Sydney.  We hope to see these competitors return next year together with extras to share a great event.  The Western Australians will have their new boats on the water in 2020 so we can expect another fleet size in the mid-twenties. The latest hull designs were well represented with seven Indie’s, and eight Fuzzy’s (four F6’s) being the dominate choice.  Grunge (3 off) were the next most popular.

The rescue boat crew for the two days were Norman Wallis and Ross Eldridge.  Thank you to them for a job well done.

Assisting the ROs with accounting for the finish positions, scoring and managing the fleet boards were Graham Ingerson and Frank Brooks, thank you guys for your efforts.

A special thank you to Brett Osborn and the ARCYRC for organising the event and making sure that all the unseen things are attended to, a great job, well done.

Pictured L-R: Scott Mitchell, Rob Cameron, Scott Condie & Scott Fleming



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PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1CONDIE, ScottAUS 06GRUNGE17.031.0
2FLEMING, ScottAUS 67F6 Red Ant48.073.0
3MITCHELL, ScottAUS 97F-656.089.0
4REID, AndrewAUS 74GRUNGE59.091.0
5OSBORN, BrettAUS 79Indie66.096.0
6LITTLEDYKE, PaulAUS 77Indie69.096.0
7JOYCE, RayAUS 53Grunge84.0109.0
8THOMAS, DavidAUS 88F-6106.0163.0
9NOWAK, RobAUS 17Indie109.0164.0
10EDWARDS, GrantAUS 09Indie121.0170.0
11GROOME, DuncanAUS 99F6150.0193.0
12GOLD, AlanAUS 50F5182.0240.0
13WHITE, TonyAUS 69Indie182.0248.0
14DOWSETT, IanAUS 52Indie197.0251.0
15BESSELL, AlanAUS 23Starkers208.0274.0
16WHITE, PeterAUS 89Red Ant F5219.0277.0
17WHITEHEAD, BobAUS 45Gothic225.0280.0
18OR, BensonAUS 29F3235.0299.0
19COCKSHELL, MalcomAUS 73Fuzzy - 3239.0301.0
20PEAKE, GregAUS 61Nioutram263.0329.0
21JUTTNER, ChrisAUS 02Indie265.0329.0

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