2019 WA Michael Bell Memorial Ten Rater Regatta

Sep 9, 2019

Saturday September 7 was the 2019 hosting of the annual Michael Bell Memorial Ten Rater event. Michael passed away in 2014, and this event is held annually to remember him and his contribution to radio sailing in Australia.


Michael was a terrific competitor in the Ten Rater class, winning four Western Australian State Championships with boats that he designed and built himself. Michael made everything from scratch, including his own sails. He competed fiercely at the National Championships on a number of occasions. Michael also served the ARYA as Treasurer for many years.

For the 2019 running of the event, the day started off with no wind to speak of. There was a delay to commence the morning, whilst we waited for some wind.


Our Race Officer for the day was Rosco Bennett, whose Ten Rater is still gathering dust on the mantlepiece. Andree acted as our finishing recorder and scorer, Jim Congdon operated the boat, Murray Wood and Sean Wallis helped out as well. Everyone would like to thank all our volunteers for helping us sail for the day.

Around 11.00am, a southerly pressure started to filter in, and the course was set. On the entry list were 7 Ten Raters, whilst unfortunately there were a number of our regulars off travelling or away with family commitments. Nevertheless, there were quite a few skippers who were capable of taking out race wins.

Graeme Howie took the first “prize” of the day, having left his waders at home. A flying run back home to pick them up didn’t cause him too much trouble given the delayed start. In the light conditions, the Sanga and Aero were travelling well. The Diamonds were a little sluggish in the really light winds. Glenn Dawson showed a clean pair of heels to start the day knocking out a couple of race wins.

Graeme Howie and Jeff Green gradually got their boats going and put some wins alongside their names. Bit by bit, the wind increased so that it wasn’t a total drift. Chris Woods and Roger Paul were always nipping at the leaders, but were finding it difficult to break through for a win.

Denton Roberts is showing improvement in the lighter wind. His boat speed is a lot more consistent now which is great to see. Phil Brown’s lovely Graffito is always a delight to see. Phil’s building skills are great and he always supports the Ten Rater fleet with enthusiasm. Fantastic to have Phil involved.

After the lunch break, the breeze shifted around to the south west and settled in at a steady(ish) 3 to 5 knots. Glenn continued his consistent form, despite a couple of errors at the start line finding himself on the wrong side at the buzzer. Graeme Howie and Jeff Green were battling out the second position, which eventually went the way of Graeme.

The Ten Rater skippers are looking forward to a few events over the next month. It’s a great time of year for the Tens, giving us a great run at the boats. We are looking forward to the Ten Rater Metro Championships and Ray Tilbrook Memorial event prior to our State Championships next month.

At the conclusion of the day, Hub told us the heartfelt story of Michael, his life, his family, his worklife and his involvement in radio sailing. It reminded us of how fortunate we are to be part of a group of friends with a common interest.

The podium for the 2019 Michael Bell Memorial was Glenn Dawson in first place on 13 points, Graeme Howie in second on 24 points and Jeff Green in third on 28 points.




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PosNameSail No.NettTotal
1DAWSON, GlennAUS 7613.019.0
2HOWIE, GraemeAUS 3024.035.0
3GREEN, JeffAUS 9528.042.0
4WOODS, ChrisAUS 2433.046.0
5ROBERTS, DentonAUS 6549.061.0
6PAUL, RogerAUS 8650.066.0
7BROWN, PhilAUS 5063.077.0

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