V11 Successful Launch at Kai Iwi lakes

Sep 5, 2019

Vickers RC Sailing has announced the launch of the latest in the V series of boats with the V11 now in production at their workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.


Over the two days of sailing at Kai Iwi lakes the V11 sailed by Ian Vickers performed exceptionally well in the gusty conditions on day one, and in the lighter conditions of day two to take out the event.

\images\V11_deckIn comparison to its predecessor, the V10, Ian describes the boat as a completely new design including new fin and rudder. It has increased volume on the forward half of the boat, and there is less tumblehome which gives a wider shroud base, in addition it now has the mast deck stepped to the bottom of the well and a mast gate introduced. This is giving increased stability to the bottom portion of the mast.

There are also some other subtle changes, the fin is stiffer, rudder is thinner, the servo tray is now moulded into a cambered deck giving much increased stability of the rudder tube.




All eyes will be on the performance of the V11 at the New Zealand IOM Championship being held later this month at Wattle Farm, Auckland before making it’s international debut at the 2019 IOM World Championship at Porto Alegre, Brazil in November.



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