2019 SA State RC Laser Titles - This is going to be big!

Jul 30, 2019

On Saturday 19th October and on Sunday 20th October the 2019 SA RC Laser Titles will be run at Mawson Lakes. We are expecting a fleet of 20-25 boats with around 6-8 interstate visitors.

\images\IMG_6818The titles will be run using the Single Heat Racing System (SHRS) – the use of which is now fully approved by ARYA. This will be one of the first titles in Australia to use this system post ARYA approval. On Sunday the fleet will be divided into gold and silver fleets, with both fleets racing for a trophy.

The Laser Sub-committee managing this event is Adrian Heard, John Berry, Bob Whitehead, Alex Hayter and Stewart Ross. Stewart Ross will be the race officer for the event. Mario Gulic from Patterson Lakes Victoria has agreed to be scorer for the event.

A full notice of race for the event will be out in mid-August. The fee for the event will be $45 early-bird registration and payment (by 27th September); $50 normal registration and payment.

Registration is now open on the MLMYC website – www.mawsonlakesmyc.com.au  and we encourage you all to register soon. Invoices for payment will be sent out as soon as our Notice of Race is approved by ARYA.

The timetable for the titles will be -:

Saturday 19th October
10 am             Practice sailing
12 pm             Lunch
12.30pm         Briefing
1 pm               First race commences
5 pm               No race will commence after this time
6.30pm           Dinner at Mawson Lakes Hotel

Sunday 20th October
9 am               Briefing
9.30 am          First race commences
12 pm             Lunch served during racing
2 pm               No race will commence after this time
2.30 pm          Presentations

We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide in October. It is a great time of the year with reliable westerly winds and it will be great to have a good bunch of interstate visitors present. 

Adrian Heard, on behalf of the organising committee.


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