Tough Gig at Yarrawonga

Jul 29, 2019

No wind, a bit of weed and a fleet featuring Australia’s best lead to a tough regatta at Yarrawonga over the weekend of 27-28 July for the Victorian IOM State Championship.

(Pictured - Norm (282) almost giving Rosco (39) a touch up)

The 2019 championship saw one of the largest IOM fleets contesting the event in years. Thirty-seven entrants from across Australia including current and past Australian Champions, Victorian State Champions as well as new sailors to the IOM class – everyone was there, but the wind wasn’t!

Day one was cool to say the least with a light breeze around 1-2 knots creating a slight chill factor in the overcast conditions although a few patches of sun provided some warmth. PRO Andy Reid managed to get racing away close to on time albeit in challenging conditions.

Wiping the dust off his BritPop!, Kirwan Robb showed he was keen to strike on the championship title in the first seeding race claiming the B fleet win, while in the corresponding A fleet race, Robb’s ‘wingman’, Rodney Muller (who found his Cheinz still the way he left it about 4 years ago) picked up the win.

Temperatures may have just popped into the low teens by the afternoon but the breeze failed to increase with it, but with the odd zephyr blowing across the course the race management team did their best to keep the racing going.

Race two saw Paul Jones kick into gear to claim victory which was backed up with a win in race three giving him 5, 1, 1 after three races. Forster Tuncurry sailor Peter Burton also showed similar consistency with 5, 2, 3 to stay in touch with Jones while others seemed to have attracted a cricket score to their points tally and awaited the all important drop after race four that may bring them back into contention.

At the end of the day only three races had been completed and the outlook for wind on day two was dismal with one to two knots forecast for most of the day with possibly a little more in the afternoon. Ground hog day was coming! Overnight, Jones held the lead ahead of Burton with Gladstone’s Aaron Farrar third and Robb fourth.

Day two the early fog cleared but with water so still your reflection could be seen indicated that the wind had definitely not arrived although by start time a few wafts of breeze floated across the course and racing resumed.

Race four and it was WA’s Rosco Bennett, with a 4, 20, 10 in the previous races, keen to escalate up the leaderboard and the win in this race did it pushing him into the top ten, although a 20th in race five saw him shoot back down as quickly as he came. Disappointing results for Jones, Robb, Farrar & Burton filling spots in the high teens saw the championship become wide open.

Peter Burton, after a poor result in race 4, found a way to win in race 5 and with his consistency of results took the championship lead while Jones struggled with a 10th and Robb a 3rd to have them placed 6 points behind Burton – but it wasn’t over yet!

Race six saw a new winner, Victoria’s Chris Dance sailing Andy Reid’s Britpop! held off challenges from Jones and SA’s Scott Mitchell and with Burton picking up a result in the 20’s and Robb scoring a 10th, the championship lead changed again with Jones now holding a seven point lead over Robb.

By early afternoon the temperature had increased, the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm – forget breaking out the swimmers, the water was still cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and the breeze still struggled to break the two knot barrier!

Kirwan was still keen to close in on Jonesy and in conditions where anything could happen the championship hadn’t yet escaped him. A win in race seven put him a little closer but with the likelihood of only one more race and with Jones keeping in touch with a 2nd the odds were clearly not in his favour.

Further down the leaderboard the positions were tight. Mario Gulic with his new K2 had slipped into third with Scott Mitchell, Scott Fleming, Peter Burton & Aaron Farrar all in touch for a podium finish and with places through to tenth separated by a few points, the all important drop at the completion of race eight was to see significant changes to the overall leaderboard.

Finally a bit more wind, maybe four knots arrived for race eight. Notably absent from the top end of the leaderboard, Sean Wallis found a way to claim a win while the Jones – Robb battle ensued with Robb 2nd and Jones 3rd. 

Eight races over two days decided the championship with Jones coming out on top, six points clear of Robb (2nd) and with Scott Fleming, finishing fourth in the final race, rounding out the podium in third.

While the wind conditions over the weekend were challenging, the sailing area is fantastic and the hospitality of the Yarrawonga Yacht Club overwhelming. We thank them for their support as well as the volunteers – Andrew Reid (The Dude in Charge), Rob Nowak (Boat Boy), Pat Parisienne (Dogs Body), Jayne Fleming & Anne Walker (the lovely scoring ladies).


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PosNameSail No.DesignR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8NettTotal
1JONES, PaulAUS 48K25.01.01.0(16.0)(10.0)
2ROBB, KirwanAUS 94BritPop!1.0(11.0)2.0(19.0)
3FLEMING, ScottAUS 173Britpop!6.05.0(15.0)6.06.0(11.0)
4MITCHELL, ScottAUS 52Britpop3.0(16.0)(13.0)
5FARRAR, AaronAUS 34BritPop!
6GULIC, MarioAUS 04K26.
7BURTON, PeterAUS 69V95.
8WALLIS, SeanAUS 71V102.0(12.0)
9BENNETT, RossAUS 39V10 Shaker4.0(20.0)10.01.0(20.0)
10DANCE, ChrisAUS 74BritPop!
11WALKER, LindsayAUS 02K2(11.0)
12VITTE, EdgarAUS 169V1012.
13MULLER, RodneyAUS 174Cheinz1.0(18.0)
14LITTLEDYKE, PaulAUS 49Britpop14.
15GRAY, RussellAUS 99Britpop16.0(31.0)(34.0)
16GOWER, JohnAUS 63V1012.0(24.0)(26.0)
17COSGRIFF, MichaelAUS 147BritPop!8.021.0(25.0)(26.0)
18NEWMAN, MarkAUS 60BritPop!
19ALLEN, DougAUS 72V1011.08.020.0(29.0)(24.0)
20SMITH, PeterAUS 10Plan B15.0(27.0)
21WALLIS, NormAUS 282V1014.0(36.0)28.0(31.0)
22MCARTHUR, BruceAUS 20TARA10.0(26.0)(35.0)
23MCDOWALL, LincolnAUS 97Blitz mk64.
24BACKHOUSE, ScottAUS 73Britpop!
25O'BRIEN, RobAUS 75Panda7.022.027.0(33.0)(33.0)
26HEARING, LenAUS 86Goth8.019.0(30.0)
27BRAYSHAW, StephenAUS 197Blitz
28MEWS, RobertAUS 41V1015.0(35.0)(32.0)
29DENHOLM, RussellAUS 28Pikanto13.
30MELIA., BurkeAUS 06Britpop17.0(28.0)(38.0)
31ELDRIDGE, RossAUS 185Goth17.029.021.0(30.0)23.0(33.0)25.029.0144.0207.0
32TAYLOR, BenAUS 70Titan16.030.0(31.0)
33MELDRUM, DavidAUS 55ALTERNATIVE13.0(33.0)24.0(35.0)
34GOLD, AlanAUS 05Kantun 219.0(32.0)(33.0)
35WHITE, RalphAUS 77K27.017.023.0(38.0)(38.0)
36TURNBULL, DonAUS 141Blitz 218.0(37.0)29.0(34.0)
37WHITE, TonyAUS 91Britpop!

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