2019 Perth Classic

Jul 22, 2019

The 2019 Perth Classic regatta was held on an overcast winter's day in July. Thirteen skippers participated in shifty winds at the top of A rig.

/Perth Radio Sailing Club/2019 Perth Classic/fleet 1Sunday 21 July at Jackadder Lake – the “Perth Classic” was run by the Perth Radio Sailing Club. The wind was blowing from the west at about 8 to 15 knots and there were a number of rain fronts which hit over the course of the day. There were 13 skippers who tackled the conditions.

Jackadder Lake is in an interesting location. Just to the west of the lake is a suburb called “Doubleview” This suburb gets its name from the fact that in many places you can get two views – typically one view to the west over the ocean and another to the east towards the inland hills. A lake typically is situated in a low place, so the wind has had to negotiate a fairly major hill prior to getting to the lake. Without putting too fine a point on it, a westerly wind provides many challenges at Jackadder Lake.

Skippers were challenged with very significant shifts – well perhaps “changes in direction” is more accurate. It was overcast in the sky, but the sun shone through the clouds from time to time, making visibility a challenge too. For once, we didn’t have too much trouble with weed – so that was good.

Warren Rock was our Race Officer for the day. He was ably supported by Simon Ellis, John Goor and Bob Paton. Racing got underway on time. Pretty soon it became apparent that the manner in which skippers managed the changing winds would determine the outcome of the day.

We welcomed a couple of new skippers to the fold – Bruce Quail entered his Lintel MMX for his first ranking event. Brett Milner took delivery of his V10 and had logged only 2 hours of sailing time with it, but performed really well in his first event. Ervin Scully was visiting from Singapore, and we were really pleased that he joined the fleet for the day.

At the briefing, we took a moment to pay tribute to our friend Ian Ritchie, who passed away on Friday night. Ian had been a regular at our events for many years, and had volunteered as our treasurer for the State Association for a very long time. A minute’s silence in memory of Ian was a touching moment.

Racing got underway with all boats in their A rigs. It was a case of holding the boat upright through the gusts, because moving to the B rig would have been very slow in the lulls. There were times in which the B rig would have been advantageous, but there would also have been too many lulls to make the choice beneficial.

Early in the day, Glenn Dawson showed the way, with a number of heat wins. His V10 was travelling well. Glenn started well and managed to get to get to the top mark in good shape. Rob Mews always sails well in shifting winds, and was maintaining a close check on the leaders.

After a number of heats, Sean Wallis started to show some form. Early, Sean was struggling with the conditions, but as the day progressed, he figured out the best way to combat the shifts. Roger Paul started the regatta sailing a Britpop and was travelling really well. Unfortunately, the gooseneck failed on Roger, so he was out of the running. With the help of Rob Waller, whose boat happened to be in the car, Roger was back on the water with the blessing of the Race Committee.

Ian Sherriff always seems to have some great boat speed. Ian had a number of terrific finishes, sometimes coming from a fair way back. Graeme Howie also is one to watch. His performance with his Cheinz is always competitive.

/Perth Radio Sailing Club/2019 Perth Classic/pres 3Chris Woods is sporting a new set of Cat Sails, which he appears to really like, as there are moments of brilliance with plenty of boat speed. Similarly, Justin McAullay had a few great performances, putting his Goth into the lead on occasions. Denton Roberts soldiered on in conditions which he readily admits are not to his liking.

At lunch, Glenn held a slim lead over Sean, with Ian, Edgar and Rob Mews in a tussle for third. As the afternoon wore on, Sean continued to put pressure on the lead, racking up a number of bullets. By the end of the day, he had taken the lead and relegated Glenn to second place. Rob Mews pipped Edgar and Ian for the final podium place.

Thanks to all the participants, including the volunteers who gave up their time so that we could race. Thank you also to the new guys – Bruce, Brett and Earvin for making the fleet grow. We hope you enjoyed and learnt something from the day.







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PosNameSail No.DesignNettTotal
1WALLIS, SeanAUS 71V1025.046.0
2DAWSON, GlennAUS 76V1030.251.2
3MEWS, RobertAUS 41V1055.181.1
4VITTE, EdgarAUS 69V1057.181.1
5SHERRIFF, IanAUS 85V1058.095.0
6WOODS, ChrisAUS 24V1063.093.0
7HOWIE, GraemeAUS 93Cheinz80.0112.0
8MCAULLAY, JustinAUS 51Goth83.0120.0
9SCULLY, ErvinAUS 171V1084.0120.0
10PAUL, RogerAUS 53BritPop!103.0144.0
11MILNER, BrettAUS 05V10107.1145.1
12QUAIL, BruceAUS 34Lintel135.0172.0
13ROBERTS, DentonAUS 65BritPop!143.0184.0

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