Introducing the A Fleet App

Jul 10, 2019

There are a multitude of scoring software applications available, however very few adapted for radio sailing. Well now there is!

\images\afleet_appOver the years I’ve used numerous sailing scoring software programs and apps as well as online solutions, but inevitably I’ve fallen back to the popular Sailwave software which was originally created in 2001 by Colin Jenkins in the UK. Sailwave is an excellent product for single fleet scoring, the user friendly interface makes it simple for almost anyone to score an event and publish results.

While using scoring systems such as Sailwave have been great, for radio sailing clubs who want to score results electronically lakeside, it’s not so simple!

Across my travels I met John McPherson from New Zealand.  John is the developer, and a keen radio sailor. He’s sailed at hundreds of club days and dozens of regattas. John figured there had to be a better way to manage the scoring, and set about discovering it. Along came the A Fleet App!

\images\afleet_app2The A Fleet App, available for Android phones & tablets, lifts the bar when scoring lakeside. With the cost of tablets plummeting and the low cost of this app, just $5.49 from the Google Play Store, it is a simple and cheap solution for clubs wishing to score their race results lakeside.

Features of the app include the ability to retain a database of members for selection on race day, one click scoring and the ability to share the results immediately, whether mid-event or at the end of the day.

I found A Fleet App simple to use, easy to add competitors, enter and edit results and email the results at the end of the day, all from my Samsung tablet.

The app in it’s current form provides the capability for single fleet racing which is ideal for regular radio sailing club racing. The great news is that the app is being developed for multi fleet racing and I was given the opportunity to review the app running the HMS scoring system and it looks great! The multi fleet version is expected to be released later this year.

The A Fleet App is ideal for lakeside scoring.

Scoring software developed by radio sailors for radio sailing, what more could we want?

For further information visit the A Fleet App website


Report by: Sean Wallis

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Posted by: ARYA Publicity