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Live Results :    There are no events currently in progress that are publishing live results.

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Queensland Marblehead Championships 2019

Jul 9, 2019

Well the Qld Marblehead Champs have been run and won.  After the first couple of races it was clear to see what the outcome of the two days will be.

\Queensland\MclassfleetThe skippers from south of the border were certainly prepared for what mother nature was going to throw at us. The first day began with skippers electing to go straight to “B” rigs but with a lull in the breeze everyone elected to go to “A” rigs, this was to be a big mistake with the breeze coming back in and boats being flattened resulting in that heat being called off, the day continued on with “C” rigs.

Those skippers who were prepared for the stronger breezes chose to use “C2” rigs.

Day 2 saw skippers choosing “A” rigs for most of the day with the occasional change to “B” rigs. We managed to get 27 heats run over the two days.\Queensland\Mclasswinners2019group

Congratulations go to Scott Condie sailing a Grunge coming in First place on 30 points followed by Lincoln McDowell sailing an F-6 on 47 points with Andrew Reid taking out third place on 62 points in another Grunge.

A big thanks goes out to Ian Ashe, our PRO for the weekend and David Black our chief scorer, and of course, thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on the two days.

Bob Worton

R/C Coordinator





Click here for detailed results
PosNameSail No.DesignClubNettTotal
1CONDIE, ScottAUS 06Grunge30.045.0
2MCDOWELL, LincolnAUS 97F647.064.0
3REID, AndrewAUS 74Grunge62.086.0
4THOMAS, DavidAUS 88F679.0102.0
5NASMITH, JasonAUS 11F3.5102.0136.0
6FISHER, TrevorAUS 29Mantra136.0175.0
7LIHOU, GrantAUS 95Starkers 3178.0226.0
8WATSON, PeterAUS 64Dreadnaught191.0239.0
9FULTON, JohnAUS 152FuzzyLogic195.0243.0
10WORTON, BobAUS 12F 3.5239.0287.0
11CHRISTISON, NoelAUS 07F3258.0306.0

Category: Queensland
Posted by: ronf

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19 Aug 2019 21:30

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Round 3 of DF65 QLD Interclub Series Gets Big Wind
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Australian Rankings (Top 10)

Our top sailors of each class

International One Metre

1. Sean Wallis (WA)
2. Paul Jones (NSW)
3. Scott Fleming (VIC)
4. Ross Bennett (WA)
5. Lindsay Walker (NSW)
6. Aaron Farrar (QLD)
7. Doug Allen (QLD)
8. Robert Mews (WA)
9. Tim Brown (QLD)
10. Edgar Vitte (WA)
International Marblehead

1. Scott Mitchell (SA)
2. Ray Joyce (TAS)
3. Kirwan Robb (VIC)
4. Scott Condie (NSW)
5. Paul Littledyke (SA)
6. Brett Osborn (SA)
7. Andrew Reid (VIC)
8. Scott Fleming (VIC)
9. Jason Nasmith (QLD)
10. Trevor Fisher (QLD)
International Ten Rater

1. Scott Condie (NSW)
2. S. Sedgeman (ACT)
3. Ross Bennett (WA)
4. Owen Jarvis (NSW)
5. Andrew Reid (VIC)
6. Phil Page (NSW)
7. Roger Paul (WA)
8. Mark Newman (ACT)
9. Kirwin Robb (Vic)
10. Ben Taylor (NSW)

International A Class

1. Brian Dill (NSW)
2. Graeme Howie (WA)
3. Glenn Dawson (WA)
4. Roger Paul (WA)
5. Denton Roberts (WA)
6. Ralph Hyman (NSW)
7. Michael Hickman (TAS)
8. Selwyn Holland (NSW)
9. Jeff Green (WA)
10. Lisa Blackwood (TAS)
DragonForce65 (DF65)

Ranking information
currently unavailable.
DragonFlite95 (DF95)

Ranking information
currently unavailable.