13 Reasons Why RC Laser is the Model Yacht to Choose
The RC Laser is a phenomenal piece of nautical engineering and the best RC Yacht for individuals and families who love water sports. Here are 13  reasons why.

1. The RC Laser is the boat for everyone.

The RC Laser is the only radio controlled yacht that is suitable for everyone from amateurs to race-hardened veterans. It’s fun without frustration. Assembly to water takes less than 7 minutes and that’s the first time you do it! Once you have done it a few times you will easily cut that time in half. The RC Laser comprises only 5 assembly parts – hull, keel, rudder, mast and sail – all designed to fit together with the greatest of ease.

2. The RC Laser works like the  Laser Yacht

The RC Laser is operated with a 2 channel remote control unit. This gives you finger-tip control over the rudder and the mainsheet. Just like sailing a full size Laser and just as much excitement!

3. You can sail anywhere.

The RC Laser draws only 400mm, so you can sail in a pond, an estuary or harbour. Even in a swimming pool. It is so efficient it requires little more than a whisper of wind to power it.

4. The RC Laser is a one-design racing class.

Many RC Laser owners will want to race; match race against a friend, fleet race in a regatta. Racing adds a new dimension, excitement and will hone your skills. Best of all you are not competing against someone else’s bank account!  Like the full-size Laser, the RC Laser is a strict one-class design. It is your skill that counts. With minimal care and attention, your RC Laser will be as competitive 5 years on as it was the day you purchased it.

5. The RC Laser is fun for all the family.

The RC Laser is easy to sail, so the kids can match race with the Grandparents. Many boating families purchase an RC Laser or two to entertain themselves with some match racing when they are anchored.

6. The RC Laser is versatile.

The RC Laser is renowned for its versatility. In the words of one old sea salt ; The RC Laser is a breeze to sail but a challenge to race.

7. It’s all about performance.

The speed and agility of the RC Laser will astound you. From split second starts and luffing matches to downwind duels it provides all of the thrills of high performance racing.

8. The RC Laser is an internationally-recognised model yacht class.

There are frequent national and international competitions for the RC Laser. The National titles are held each year in a different state of Australia. International events are held around the world, including Europe, UK, USA and South Africa. The RC laser presents the opportunity to join an international community. Our vision for strengthening regional, national and world competitions is already happening.

9. Proven design; robust and reliable

The RC Laser is tough. With over 5000 in the water world-wide it is a tested and proven product. The RC Laser has been designed to survive for many years with minimal care. In the UK it is sometimes raced against other radio controlled yachts but only on condition that the bow is buffered – not to protect the RC Laser but to protect the competition. This is thanks to the blow moulded polyethylene hull and the simplicity of its design.

10. Portable and easily transportable

The RC Laser was designed not just for easy assembly but also for ease of packing away in a cleverly designed padded boat bag that is suitable for all types of travel. Sling it over your shoulder and walk down to your local venue or check it in at the airport as you head off to compete at an interstate regatta.

11. Unbelievably low price

How is the price kept so low? There are 2 explanations; firstly the desire of the manufacturer to get the product to as many people as possible and secondly the high volume of production. The RC Laser sells because it is the very best value radio controlled sailboat on the market.

12. Minimal running costs

As we said above, this is not an America’s Cup type class where the boat that wins is inevitably the latest design with all of the expense that goes with it. The RC Laser design was, is and will be as it is today. You can go faster by improving your sailing skill but you do not have to be continually reaching into your pockets. Once you have outlaid for your initial investment, the ongoing running costs are minimal.

13. Warranty

The RC Laser comes with a written warranty – we challenge you to find another model boat that does. And it is not a 30 day warranty – it’s a full 6 months. What better demonstration of confidence by the manufacturer! 


A 105cm long pocket rocket, the RC Laser cannot be beaten on value, durability, lack of hassle and best of all, SHEER FUN. Try it out – you will be amazed.