The original ARYA’s Ranking System was first implemented by the Executive of the ARYA on August 2, 2002.

The ranking system will be used to select Australian skippers to compete in events as per the IRSA Championship Regulations and where required for seeding skippers in domestic events.

Part of the ranking systems relies on utilizing regional championships to ensure remote areas are not disadvantaged by the tyranny of distance suffered within Australia.

There is a maximum of five regional events per class per state per year allowed, however only 2 regional events will count in any ranking period. (See Ranking System 3.c.i).(3) 


Events will be ratified by the ARYA based on ALL of the following criteria being met.

a.      The Notice of Race (NoR) and Sailing Instructions (SI) are in a format approved by the ARYA.

b.      The NoR is emailed to at least six weeks prior to the start of the event by the state secretary or his representative.

c.      The NoR will be posted on the ARYA web asap after it has been received.

d.      Entrant eligibility is in accordance with the ARYA Standard Notice of Race (viz open to all affiliate members of the ARYA).

e.      The event is approved and ratified by the State Association.

f.       The event is approved by the ARYA committee. The event will be held using the “Rules” as defined by the ARYA Standard NoR.

g.      The event must be a scratch racing event.

h.      There must be 6 or more competitors.

i.         Scoring shall be performed using the current ARYA approved HMS program.

j.         The results shall be confirmed by the State Secretary or his representative and emailed to within 14 days of the event.




a.      The ARYA has developed a selection criteria to enable it to “enter members to represent Australia at International Regattas, Regional Championships and other events where entry is restricted” as provided for in 2.2(vii) of its constitution. The system will also provide National recognition for skippers in each class of yacht specified in Section 1(b)

b.      The selection criteria will be applied to all classes of yacht recognized by both the IRSA and ARYA.

c.      The selection criteria will run continuously so that it may be used at any time to determine the order of precedence for competitors in a particular class of yacht.

d.      The ARYA will notify State and Territory Associations of impending world championships and other international events where the Australian representatives will be selected by their ranking. ARYA will distribute a copy of the Notice of Race to all State and Territory Councils within 21 days of it being received. (In accordance with Section 5.3 of the IRSA Championship Regulations, a preliminary notice of race should be received from the Host Division Member nine months before the first day of the championship).

e.      All skippers who wish to be considered for selection must submit an “Expression of Interest” in writing and send to the ARYA by the due date. Skippers whose written expressions of interest are received after the due date will be placed on a reserve list.

f.       The ARYA will apply the “selection criteria” to select representative skippers based on the qualifying regattas as specified in 3.c of this selection criteria and held up to 6 calendar months prior to the start of the international regatta concerned and covering the previous 12 months. Ranking points obtained at any qualifying event in progress on the closing date shall count.

g.      The ARYA will notify State and Territory Associations and all skippers expressing interest, of the selected skippers within 14 days of the selection closing date.

h.      Selected skippers will confirm their acceptance of selection within 7 days of this notification.

(This commits the skipper to paying the entry fee if a place is allocated whether the skipper races or not). Selected skippers with Stage One (see Section 7.1.4 of the IRSA Class Championship Rules) allocation will be required to include the entry fee with their acceptance if so directed by the ARYA.

      i.In accordance with IRSA “2013 Championship Regulations” the ARYA will send entry forms for selected competitors in all stages to reach the Host Division by the closing date indicated in the Notice of Race or as specified by the host Nation for other than Stage 1 allocations.


a.      Only financial members of a State or Territory Associations which is a financial member of the ARYA may be considered for selection.

b.      Skippers will only be considered if they qualify as National or Permanent Residents under the guidelines set out in Section 6 of the IRSA 2013 Championship Regulations.

c.      Competitors who are not eligible for ranking points (eg. foreign nationals) may sail in ranking events but shall be removed from the final results before the points are calculated.



The selection criteria are based on a ranking system specific to the class event.

a.               RANKING SYSTEM

i.         The ranking system will allocate points to skippers participating in qualifying events.

   ii.         Rankings are based on the sum of the four (4) best performances obtained by the skipper at any qualifying event as specified in Section 3.c.

  iii.         The best place in the National Championships will be used to resolve any ties in the ranking.


                         i.         Qualifying events  include:

b.      The most recent National Championship held in the ranking period.

c.      The most recent State Championship for each state or territory held in the ranking period, up to a maximum of one (1) such event in the ranking period.

d.      Any regional regatta or series ratified by a state or territory association, and approved by the ARYA, sailed under IRSA Championship regulations up to a maximum of two (2) such events in the ranking period.

e.      Where the same regional event is run twice within a ranking period, only the most recent event may be included.

f.       After taking into account rule 3.c.i)(4), where a state conducts more than 5 regional events in a class within an international event ranking period, only the first 5 events may count.

 .         Qualifying events must have been sailed between the period of 18 months prior to and 6 months before the International event for which the ranking is intended, or as altered by rule 4.a. Ranking points obtained at any qualifying event in progress on the closing date shall count.

    i.         State and Territory Association secretaries or their representative must send the complete results of qualifying events by email to the ARYA email address within 14 days of the completion of the event.


    i.         To obtain ranking points at an event a competitor shall start in at least one heat. Points shall be calculated using the formula below, where S is the number of yachts that start in at least one heat, where F is the competitor’s finishing position and W is the weighting for the event.

           ii.         The National Championship will be weighted by 200

          iii.         State Championships will be weighted by 150

         iv.         Regional events will be weighted by 100

          v.         The Formula is:

POINTS = (((S+1)-F) x W)/S

The points shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.


a.      Where the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions for an International event clash with our prescribed ranking period, ARYA will inform all State and Territory Associations and all skippers who have lodged an expression of interest, of necessary changes to the ranking period. If the ranking period is changed, it will always be 12 months long.


Changes made in the Oct 25, 2016 update of the ranking rules

1.      1.1.f – the wording “4 months” was changed to “6 months”.

2.      2.3.c.ii – The wording “16 months prior to and 4 months” was changed to “18 months prior to and 6 months”.

*These changes come into effect immediately for all classes other than the IOM class.

*For the IOM class, they come into effect immediately the ranking for the 2018 world championships have been finalised, and the AUS positions finalised. These changes are not in use for the 2018 IOM world championships.