2022 NSW Marblehead State Championship
The forecast in Sydney was for a southerly to arrive Thursday before racing and hang around until Monday. With no weed around, high low tides and low high tides, it was another reason to be excited about the racing. That meant we were in for a real treat for racing the last Marblehead event for the year being, the 2022 NSW Marblehead State Championship at Kogarah Bay on 17-18 December.  
Posted: 20 Dec 2022 05:59

SA DF65 States at Mawson Lakes
After an Intense day of Sailing DF95s the day prior, twenty-four DF65s descended onto Mawson Lakes for the third running of the SA Dragon Force 65 2022 State Championships.  The Boats went through their customary scrutineering. The skippers were presented with a very light west-north-west breeze on the lake.
Posted: 07 Dec 2022 18:28

SA DF95 States at Mawson Lakes
Twenty-six yachts representing three states and two countries set the tone for a fun competitive event. This third running of the SA State Championship showed the stunning growth of the Dragon Flite 95 in South Australia.  Mawson Lakes set the Stage for a wonderful Dragon Flite 95 State Championship Event contested Saturday 3rd December with light Northerly Breezes (which slowly clocked left throughout the day).
Posted: 07 Dec 2022 17:57