Radio Sailing is for everyone!

Radio Controlled Sailing (Radio Sailing)

Whether you have that competitive streak or just want to join a great group of people with a similar interest, Radio Sailing is fun, social and competitive and can truly be anything you want it to be!

Sailing a radio yacht can be a tranquil experience with your boat gliding across a pond or a lake while relaxing in the warm sun. That’s unless you are racing them!

Racing a radio yacht can be an adrenaline building experience and offers the same characteristics as sailing full size yachts. In fact, radio yacht racing follows the primary racing rules of sailing used by full size yachts with racing conducted at club, state, national and international levels.

Through a network of over 60 clubs covering almost all Australian states and a multitude of classes to suit beginner through to the experienced yachty, it’s easy to join in the fun. Simply refer to our club listing on this site to find a club near you.

Information is readily available on this site however if you require further assistance visit a club near you or contact us through the support section on this site.