The Australian Radio Yachting Association objectives are to promote and support the sport of radio control sailing in Australia, and in conjunction with our State Association members, plan and deliver strategies that foster the growth of the sport through clubs across Australia. 


The ARYA is governed by the ARYA Executive Committee & our State Association members. Additional committees including the Race Management Committee (RMC) & the Regatta Committee (RC) are appointed by the ARYA Executive to support additional priorities and objectives.


Represents Radio Sailing Internationally
As a member of the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA), the Australian Radio Yachting Association actively provides representation to IRSA in relation to international radio sailing policy and regulations. In turn, the ARYA communicates IRSA sailing policies to our member State Associations.

National Authority

Affiliated with Sailing Australia as the National Class Association for all radio sailing in Australia,the Australian Radio Yachting Association is the National Authority for the sport of Radio Sailing within Australia.

Club & State Association Support
The ARYA provides support to Clubs & State Associations by

  • Through the RMC, review, and adopt for Australia, amendments of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.
  • Training, qualifying and developing Race Officials including Race Officers, Race Officials and Measurers.
  • Providing the framework and support with the issue of event documentation ie Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions
  • Managing and issuing boat registration certificates for IOM, A, 10R & RM classes.