DF95 for sale

Caloundra, Sunshine Coast ()

1 of 2 boats for sale – your choice – HRN 19422 or 20622
Please note, I am only selling one boat. You can choose which one you want.
* 19422 hull is my original boat, now 3.5 years old, with some neatly repaired minor hull damage.
* 20622 hull is brand new, sailed just once (Sept 2020).
* Base prices for complete boats include the same A rig, plastic boat stand, boat battery box and instruction manual, all complete and in excellent condition.

HRN19422 $295; HRN20622 $395

Available negotiable extras:
- B and C rigs, little used
- Flysky Fs-i4 Tx / Fs-A6 Rx
- Wooden adjustable rigging stand
- Sail box for A, B and C rigs
Price: $295

ContactRoger Smith