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Live Results :    There are no events currently in progress that are publishing live results.


Latest News

Can you help your Association?
There have been a number of changes on the ARYA Executive Committee lately. Having taken on the roles of both Publicity Officer and ARYA Registrar at the 2019 Annual General Meeting, Sean Wallis has found it necessary to reduce his work load and has stepped down from his role as Publicity Officer.
07 Jul 2021 01:25

Hein At The Helm For Win
Brad Hein claimed a well-earned victory at the Geelong waterfront over the weekend of 26-27 June at the Victorian RC Laser Championship. See the story from the Geelong Advertiser.
03 Jul 2021 05:25

Queensland Introduces Travel Declaration
Effective from 1am Saturday 19 June  anyone entering Queensland from another state or territory or New Zealand will need to make an online travel declaration.
18 Jun 2021 01:19

2021 IOM Australian Championship Entry Update
There has been a tremendous response for the 2021 IOM Australian Championship to be sailed at Harts Mill in November where the number of entries has now met the maximum for this event.
10 Jun 2021 02:41

2021 IOM Australian Championship - Entry is NOW OPEN
The ARYA are pleased to announce that the 2021 International One Meter National Championships will be hosted by the South Australian Radio Yachting Association from Friday November 26 through Sunday November 28, 2021. STOP PRESS: ENTRY IS NOW OPEN - LIMITED TO 52 ENTRANTS - ENTER NOW!
12 May 2021 23:25

2021 IOM Australian Championship Update
COVID19 has created significant challenges for the organisation of events across Australia and due to the anticipated high number of competitors the scheduling of the 2021 IOM Australian Championship has not been easy but there is some goods news!
03 May 2021 04:58

Condie Tops Vic M States - WA Sailor Protests
Team Mario certainly had a difficult time of it, little wind and quarantined West Aussies, this was the Victorian Marblehead State Championship held at Edgewater, Melbourne over the weekend of 24-25 April.
26 Apr 2021 02:50

Light Winds for WA South Metro IOM Championship
Harrington Waters Radio Yacht Club hosted the South Metros for 2021 at the Harrington Waters lake. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and the forecast was for an easterly wind till lunchtime and a southerly coming in early in the afternoon.
21 Apr 2021 21:39

Fleming wins a windy SA RC Laser Titles
With 32 entries this year’s titles represented the largest ever fleet for an SA RC Laser Titles. The fleet included 14 sailors from Victoria, 2 from New South Wales and 16 from South Australia.
14 Apr 2021 22:32

Vale Hub Bell
Past ARYA President and ARYA Life Member, Hub Bell passed away this week following a brave battle with cancer. Hub’s tremendous contribution to radio sailing in Australia is hard to measure and easy to underestimate. Over the course of Hub’s life, he held almost every office you can imagine at radio sailing Club level, State level and at the National level. 
21 Mar 2021 23:32

In Memory of Susan McAnna
In memory of the late Susan McAnna a fleet of nineteen sailors competed for the Susan McAnna Memorial Trophy at Kogarah Bay over the weekend of 06/07 March.
09 Mar 2021 02:00


Australian Rankings (Top 10)

Our top sailors of each class

International One Metre

1. Sean Wallis (WA)
2. Steve Sedgmen (ACT)
3. Barry Donaher (WA)
4. Edgar Vitte (WA)
5. Ross Bennett (WA)
6. Lindsay Walker (NSW)
7. Greg Torpy (NSW)
8. Glenn Dawson (WA)
9. Paul Jones (NSW)
10. Cliff Davis (WA)
International Marblehead

1. L. Mcdowall (VIC)
2. Scott Mitchell (SA)
3. Scott Fleming (VIC)
4. Ray Joyce (TAS)
5. Andrew Reid (VIC)
6. Paul Littledyke (SA)
7. Scott Condie (NSW)
8. John Cole (TAS)
9. Brett Osborn (SA)
10. David Thomas (VIC)
International Ten Rater

1. Glenn Dawson (WA)
2. Andrew Holly (NSW)
3. Scott Condie (NSW)
4. S. Sedgeman (ACT)
5. Daniel Weizman (NSW)
6. Owen Jarvis (NSW)
7. Phil Page (NSW)
8. Mark Newman (ACT)
9. Andrew Reid (VIC)
10. Ben Taylor (NSW)

International A Class

1. Brian Dill (NSW)
2. Warren Norrie (NSW)
3. Roger Paul (WA)
4. Denton Roberts (WA)
5. Selwyn Holland (NSW)
6. Ralph Hyman (NSW)
7. L. Hinchcliff (QLD)
8. Glenn Dawson (WA)
9. Simon Ellis (WA)
10. Gary Taylor (QLD)
DragonForce65 (DF65)

1. Brett Milner (WA)
2. Bruce Robbins (WA)
3. Geoffery Oliver (WA)
4. Ian Sherriff (WA)
5. Ray Bassett (WA)
6. Kel Burgess (NSW)
7. Ron Viney (WA)
8. Alan Grifith (NSW)
9. Adam Viney (WA)
10. Wayne Coleman (WA)
DragonFlite95 (DF95)

1. Andrew Grist (WA)
2. Barry Donaher (WA)
3. Phil Burgess (NSW)
4. Ian Sherriff (WA)
5. Geoffery Oliver (WA)
6. Hank Beyer (NSW)
7. Ron Viney (WA)
8. Bruce Robbins (WA)
9. Peter Ross (NSW)
10. Adam Viney (WA)