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Live Results :    There are no events currently in progress that are publishing live results.

2019 IOM World Championship

Latest News

2019 IOM World Championships - Brazil Day 3
The Championship has reached the half way mark, and tomorrow is a rest day - which by all accounts will be very welcome. The heat was on in Porto Alegra today - on and off the water. Reigning World Champion, Zvonko Jelacic made a solid move today, putting a small but solid buffer between himself and the chasing pack.
20 Nov 2019 15:09

2019 IOM World Championship - Brazil Day 2
It's been said that you don't ever win a Championship on Day 1 but you sure can lose a Championship on Day 1. Getting off to a good start is the aim of all the skippers, because if you have a poor day to open your account, the catch-up may not happen. Several skippers must be feeling this way after their opening, and there must be others who are breathing a sigh of relief that they are off and running.
19 Nov 2019 22:06

2019 IOM World Championships - Brazil Day 1
The Aussies are on fire in Porto Alegra! Day One of the 2019 World Championships is in the book and there are some stories to relate! The day started with the traditional Opening Ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance befitting the event. Race Officer Fred Rocha was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced the various dignitaries from the city and host club. A few speeches, the Brazilian National Anthem and a Flag Ceremony at which Sean represented Australia was the order of the morning
18 Nov 2019 20:01

2019 IOM WA State Championships - The Wash Up
The 2019 IOM Western Australian State Championships have been run and won. The weekend was a terrific success. Most people came away feeling that they had learnt something, or had a few successes along the way. The fleet was one of the best we had seen in WA for some years, with a number of visitors travelling to the regatta...
28 Oct 2019 21:15

Hot IOM Fleet in Hervey Bay States
A hot fleet of 23 boats competed in the 2019 Queensland IOM State Championship hosted by the Fraser Coast Radio Yacht Club at Hervey Bay over the weekend of 19 & 20 October.
28 Oct 2019 16:09

Condie Dominates NSW Marblehead States
Scott Condie sailing his Grunge has dominated the NSW Marblehead State Championship held at Kogarah Bay over the weekend 19/20 October.
24 Oct 2019 13:40

Travelling Safely with Batteries
With sailors regularly travelling by air to participate in events, one of the most frequent questions asked is how to travel with batteries. This information from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority helps to provide some guidance.
24 Oct 2019 13:04

2019 SA Laser Title to Burton
Forster Toncurry Radio Yacht Club sailor Peter Burton has won the 2019 SA RC Laser State Championship sailed at Mawson Lakes over the weekend of 19-20 October.
22 Oct 2019 13:37

2019 IOM State Championships - One week to go...
What on earth is an IOM doing in a babies cot? Read on and all will be revealed.....   The countdown has begun - just one week to go before the highlight of the Western Australian sailing calendar - the Western Australian IOM State Championships. Austin Lakes is about to host the cream of IOM skippers from WA and around the country, with one guest flying all the way from the good 'ol US of A.
18 Oct 2019 12:40


Australian Rankings (Top 10)

Our top sailors of each class

International One Metre

1. Paul Jones (NSW)
2. Sean Wallis (WA)
3. Scott Fleming (VIC)
4. Ross Bennett (WA)
5. Lindsay Walker (NSW)
6. Doug Allen (QLD)
7. Aaron Farrar (QLD)
8. Michael Hickman (TAS)
9. Edgar Vitte (WA)
10. Tim Brown (QLD)
International Marblehead

1. Scott Mitchell (SA)
2. Andrew Reid (VIC)
3. L. Mcdowall (VIC)
4. Ray Joyce (TAS)
5. Paul Littledyke (SA)
6. Scott Condie (NSW)
7. Scott Fleming (VIC)
8. Brett Osborn (SA)
9. Kirwan Robb (VIC)
10. David Thomas (VIC)
International Ten Rater

1. Scott Condie (NSW)
2. S. Sedgeman (ACT)
3. Ross Bennett (WA)
4. Owen Jarvis (NSW)
5. Andrew Reid (VIC)
6. Phil Page (NSW)
7. Roger Paul (WA)
8. Mark Newman (ACT)
9. Kirwin Robb (Vic)
10. Ben Taylor (NSW)

International A Class

1. Brian Dill (NSW)
2. Warren Norrie (NSW)
3. Roger Paul (WA)
4. Denton Roberts (WA)
5. Selwyn Holland (NSW)
6. Ralph Hyman (NSW)
7. L. Hinchcliff (QLD)
8. Glenn Dawson (WA)
9. Simon Ellis (WA)
10. Gary Taylor (QLD)
DragonForce65 (DF65)

Ranking information
currently unavailable.
DragonFlite95 (DF95)

Ranking information
currently unavailable.