30 November 2015

Classes Sailed

ARYA have the following Nationally Recognised Classes as per our current bylaws:
1. A Class
2. Marblehead Class
3. Ten Rater Class
4. International One Metre Class
5. RC laser Class (approx. 2006-8)


This is the largest of the International Classes and is based on a similar formula to that of the full-sized International 5.5 Metre.
Most A Class designs are of classic appearance and are typically 1.6 to 2.3 metres overall, with the more modern designs weighing around 12-13 Kg, there are no restrictions on construction materials.  They are sailed in all States.
Class Rules
Measurement Forms


The International One Metre Class (IOM) is the smallest and newest International radio sailing class and has a strong International following. The newly formed International One Metre - International Class Association has taken over responsibility for management of the class and Australia was the first National Class Association recognised by the International body.

The class rules are very tight with three one design rigs permitted and restrictions on construction materials, overall and ballast weight, and draft. There is a maximum overall length of one metre and a minimum weight of 4 Kg.  These rules are aimed at controlling costs and enabling the amateur builder to produce a competitive yacht.

The IOM is sailed in all Australian States and is Australia’s fastest growing class with over 500 boats registered. 

Class Rules and Measurement Forms  http://www.iomclass.org/class-rules/


The Marblehead was developed by Roy L Clough of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club in Massachusetts, USA and given International status by the predecessor of the ISAF-RSD in 1937.
A restricted development class, the Marblehead  is controlled by a few maximum  dimensions, overall length (1.29 metres), sail area (0.5161 square metres) and draft of 660 mm.  There is ample scope to develop hull shape, rigs, foils etc.  Current designs are around the 4 Kg all up weight
The most popular of the International classes for many years until the IOM came on the scene, the Marblehead is sailed in most Australian States.
National Marblehead website: www.ozmarbelheads.wordpress.com
Class rules and documents - https://www.radiosailing.org/classes/marblehead/class-rules
To assist all Marblehead sailors & measurers, the following link defines a commonly misunderstood rule about how to measure sails and in particular the definition of corners (G.4) - http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/ERS20172020UpdatedPrintVersion-[20912].pdf
National Marblehead website: www.ozmarbelheads.wordpress.com


The International Ten Rater is a development class and the rule is a direct descendent of the length and sail area rule of 1887. The measured waterline length X measured sail area in square metres X 8 must not exceed 10.

Most Ten Raters are between 1.4 and 1.7 metres overall and weight 5-7 Kg. Boats in the class have a spectacular performance and they are generally the fastest of radio yachts. They are popular in most States. 

Class documents - https://www.radiosailing.org/classes/tenrater/class-rules


This class has been around since the 1980’s circa. It was designed by Bruce Kirby and is in fact a 1/4 scaled version of the full sized popular version of the Laser Class that thousands have been made throughout the world. While the boat has only one sail, it has proved itself to be quick and responsive and a joy to race in a fleet situation. The class is growing not only in Australia but World Wide. The R/C Laser class is currently being sailed in 5 states of Australia; they are NSW, Qld, Vic, WA and Tas.
For further information on R/C Lasers: www.radiosail.com.au

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Class Rules
Measurement Forms
Class Interpretations



The EC12 originated from a tank test model of a 1960’s US America’s Cup challenger. Thus the handsome classic 12 Meter hull form harks back to the golden age of yachting.  1.5m long, and relatively shallow draft, the heavy-displacement full-keel hull differs from most other model yacht classes, with their lighter hulls, deep fin keels and ballast bulbs.

They are sailed in NSW and Queensland.

Clubs sailing EC12’s can be found on the NSWRYA and QRYA websites www.rcyachts.net/nsw/ and www.radiosailing.org.au/qrya 




This one  meter yacht was brought out to be an introductory level class or starter boat for the hobby/ sport of Radio Yachting. It is available in kit form from some hobby shops. Many of these smaller yachts are sailing and racing in NSW.  The only state where they are recognized, so far. These yachts have proven to be good in Pond and open water situations. The class would like to expand to other parts of Australia in the future. It is easy to sail for the beginners but a challenge for the more experienced sailor who wants to get the best out of the yacht.
There are some people associated with this class who do sell a completed version.
Most people who sail this class do so in a club situation. There are about 7 clubs in NSW that race them.
A FUN class that won’t cost the earth.
Class Rules
Measurement Forms
Class Interpretations


The Multihull class is currently popular in Queensland only through the Queensland Radio Control Multi Hull Owners Association Inc

1--AMC (Australian multihull class) rules 
2--Mini 40 rules
3--Formula 48 rules
4--2 metre rules
5--3 metre rules
Class Rules
Measurement Forms
Class Interpretations



The RG65 is a development class for 65 cm long radio controlled yachts which means that anything not mentioned in the rules is allowed.  The simple rules are designed to encourage people to try new ideas at a modest cost.

  • Light weight around 1kg.
  • Compact enough to fit in a small car fully rigged.
  • No need for special heavy duty sail servos.
  • Hulls built in balsa wood are little heavier than expensive carbon fibre moldings.


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